A tour of Colchester’s history


EXG JULY 15 COL HIST - Credit: Archant

As one of England’s most historically significant towns, Colchester has a fascinating past and a legacy of important landmarks. Local expert Patrick Denney helps us to find out more

Colchester is steeped in history and lovers of the town rightly never tire of learning more about its rich and fascinating past. From the late Victorian period onwards, early photographers were busy recording everyday life and events in the town. In his book, Colchester History Tour, Patrick Denney looks at Colchester through the ages, explaining the history behind its celebrated landmarks.

This is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of Essex and an exciting examination of the well-known streets and famous faces. There is something for everyone here, whether they have lived in the area all their lives, or whether they are just visiting Colchester for the first time. Colchester History Tour also shows how photography has continually evolved to keep up with an ever-changing society.

Take in Colchester Castle, the largest Norman keep in Europe, and step back in time to the 1900s to witness a troop of circus elephants make their way along Crouch Street. From museums to the town hall and St John’s Abbey gatehouse, this charming collection of new and old photographs documents the transformation of the town centre perfectly as horses and traps are slowly replaced by cars and vans. Here, Essex Life shares just a sample of these fascinating photographs…

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