Altrincham: The home of independents

Exterior of Altrincham Market House

Exterior of Altrincham Market House - Credit: Archant

How can you support the local independents of Altrincham

Altrincham Market

Altrincham Market - Credit: Archant

Everyone knows that the trendy market town of Altrincham underwent a dramatic transformation and is now flourishing, with independent businesses taking centre stage. This year has been incredibly difficult for those in the hospitality and retail industry but support for this town runs deep and as restrictions continue to change, they need that support more than ever. Altrincham has been stamped as a foodie’s paradise and with so many delicious options to choose from, it’s not hard to see why. Altrincham has a vibrant cultural mix with restaurants offering cuisines as diverse as Pan Asian, Lebanese, and Sardinian. With a collection of great bars in popular spots such as Kings Court and Goose Green; great coffee shops, such as California Coffee and Wine, Gran T’s and Two Brothers, and plenty of local artisans, Altrincham stands as a true foodie hotspot. Since the resurgence of the Market Hall by entrepreneur Nick Johnson, which set the precedent for Mackie Mayor in Manchester and the Picturedrome in Macclesfield, they continue to offer delicious and innovative dishes and have adapted to the current situation with evenly spaced tables, outdoor seating readily available and online shopping orders available for pick-up. The Market Hall has always boasted outdoor seating and has changed how their service works to continue to deliver their delicious food options with their renowned laid-back dining vibe. During the summer months, the warmth encouraged everyone to sit outside giving this small Cheshire town a somewhat Mediterranean vibe. It was a dream to walk down the streets of Altrincham and enjoy a coffee from Common Ground, which boasts outdoor seating in the front and back of the café. I recommend their latte paired with a pastel de nata. But with the winter drawing in and Christmas right around the corner, it’s still so important to support the local independents.

Charlie Crosby, chef and location manager at Honest Crust in Altrincham Market has experienced how hard it is being in the hospitality industry and why it’s so important to help where you can. ‘I’ve worked in Altrincham for nearly five years and when I first started my job, the town was teeming with people and excitement and of course incredible food. We’ve all had to adapt and make changes but it’s not always easy to keep up the cheery disposition that people come to expect from hospitality workers when rules and restrictions are constantly changing,’ Charlie says. ‘I’ve seen many businesses close but amazingly some have managed to open and thrive, which showcases the amazing spirit Altrincham is known for.’

Green & Co, a recently opened juice and salad bar

Green & Co, a recently opened juice and salad bar - Credit: Archant

One such place that has recently opened is Green & Co. a modern salad and juice bar that was inspired by owner Jake Bennett’s time living and working in New York City. Having been a former resident of Altrincham, he decided, with his family, that it was the best place to set up. ‘We chose Altrincham for our first Green & Co. store because over the years we’ve seen its transformation into a now thriving town of independent restaurants and retailers,’ Jake says. ‘Now more than ever, personal and community wellbeing is incredibly important. We wanted to play a part in enhancing the wellness of our community by offering a quick yet healthy food choice.’

Whether that’s a quick coffee to go or a leisurely lunch, the independents are here for you. Help can come in many forms; ‘If I were to offer advice on how people can help, it would be to try and favour local independent businesses, especially over Christmas as this keeps hundreds of thousands of people in employment,’ Charlie continues. ‘If you can’t get to the shops, then there are other things you can do. Follow them on social media, order from them online or get a takeaway through the many apps. Even leaving reviews and letting them know you care is a huge offering. I still love what I do for a living and I’m so grateful to have been able to keep my job. Let’s help others keep theirs.’

Greenwood Street, Altrincham

Greenwood Street, Altrincham - Credit: Archant