Why you should visit Blakemere Village

Facebook @BlakemereVillage

Facebook @BlakemereVillage - Credit: Archant

This crafting centre in the Cheshire countryside is a bijou heartland for all that is artisan and independent...and a little quirky too.

Jenny White

Jenny White - Credit: Archant


Owner, Classy Lassy at Inspired by Artisans and Vintage

I've always loved fashion and, to me, having this shop and working with a group of other creatives is the perfect place. During my treament for breast cancer, coming into the shop and spending time with the other girls who work here got me through - it was the perfect distraction. We now have a bra bank in the changing rooms which takes unwanted bras, recycles them and donates money to local women affected by breast cancer.

Helen Mills

Helen Mills - Credit: Archant


Owner, Fairy Dust Cake Shop

Baking cakes wasn't something I ever thought I'd be doing. I've got a degree in graphic design so I imagined I'd be creating things on screens not in reality. But after being told how good my cakes were, I took the leap and opened this shop. My favourite thing is creating intricate designs; I made a wedding cake that had a Pokemon element and I loved it. I'm getting married and I'll be making my own wedding cake - I can't wait. I already know it'll take me months to get it perfect.

Emma Fearnside

Emma Fearnside - Credit: Archant

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Owner, Cheshire Craft Workshop

Though I've always had an interest in craft - my mum says I was always sewing when I was younger - I came into the business from a corporate background. I used to work in the retail industry in the supply chain and commercial side. But when I lost my brother unexpectedly it shocked me to my core. I realised I didn't want to spend all my time working, I wanted to be with my family. I took the leap and bought this place. It was such a momentous occasion when I finally got the keys, I knew I'd made the right choice. It's helped create the perfect lifestyle for me and my family.

Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens - Credit: Archant


Falconry expert, Cheshire Falconry

I saw my first falconry demonstration when I was 11 - I was instantly hooked. I dabbled in it for a few years and I've been working at Cheshire Falconry since 2000. I didn't think I'd be working in this field but it's a great lifestyle. To me, it's the best job; I come in and chat to the birds, obviously when no-one's around, and spend my day making sure they're happy. The best feeling is seeing them fly free and having them return to you.

Mike Hill

Mike Hill - Credit: Archant


Owner, Sandiway Ales

Tasting a range of different ales is definitely one of the best perks of the job. I do miss brewing our own and I hope in the future we can go back to it. At the moment, I'm focusing on creating a really cosy pub; a place where regulars and new customers can come. We tend to host a lot of events which work well. We were featured on BBC One's Escape to the Country last year - I've never thought I'd be in this industry let alone be featured on such a prestigious TV show.

Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl Hughes - Credit: Archant


Owner, Nanna Parry's

This shop means a great deal to me. I used to be a stay-at-home mum which was perfect whilst my children were growing up. But I knew I wanted to go back into work. I have my husband to thank for this shop; he saw it was up for sale and bought it for me for my 40th birthday. I was so shocked because, really, who gets a sweet shop as a birthday present? I've named it after my late mum so, for me, it feels like a true family business.