Cheltenham’s John Dower House: A blend of classic and contemporary interior influences

Living room of apartment 9 at John Dower House, Cheltenham

Apartment 9 exudes the grand history of John Dower House, whilst incorporating tasteful furnishings and artworks that complement the contemporary feel. - Credit: Oliver Grahame Photography

Living in an apartment in a beautiful listed building has numerous aesthetic benefits, but John Dower House in particular has a strikingly gorgeous interior design. 

The luxury and grandeur of this Regency era building is unmissable, whether you’re admiring the outside façade, or standing in the entrance hall. Beyond such classical splendour, these Cheltenham-based apartments seamlessly incorporate many modern features and amenities.  

Apartment 9 has recently been furnished to view, and we speak to Carrie Edwards, interior designer at Claude Hooper, about the inspiration behind the new interior. 

Q: What are the major influences behind apartment 9’s interior? 

Kitchen in apartment 9 at John Dower House, Cheltenham

The quartz composite stone worktops and engineered oak floors in the kitchen seamlessly blend functionality and style. - Credit: Oliver Grahame Photography

A: The history of the building plays a key role during the planning and conceptualisation of this apartment’s design. The high ceilings, lovely curved wall and hallway, as well as the beautiful ornate fireplaces are all amazing interior details that we can build upon.  

Particularly in apartment 9, we decided to let the walls speak for themselves with a standard white colour, almost using them as a gallery for the bespoke canvases and artworks we installed. The furniture has a classical feel to it, without being particularly antique or traditional, and instead capturing the essence of John Dower House whilst being suitable for a high-end, modern apartment. 

Q: Are there any stylistic aspects that make this apartment unique? 

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A: Thanks to the history of this beautiful building, we were able to maximise the atmosphere of grandeur and luxury that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The tall windows and coloured upholsteries add so much to the living and dining spaces. The deep velvets on the sofas and chairs, a vintage feel to the rug and gold finishes to the furniture help to preserve the building’s unique style. 

The bedrooms have an intimate, cosy feel due to the way that this wonderful listed building was constructed. We made the most of the space available by bringing in some really nice statement beds, fitting in a wardrobe instead of installing a built-in one and placing striking artwork and upholsteries onto the walls.  

Curved hallway in apartment 9 at John Dower House, Cheltenham

The communal hallway is one of the most striking features within the shared John Dower House interior. - Credit: Oliver Grahame Photography

Q: How did you blend the classic Regency style with all of the modern, contemporary features? 

A: The bathroom and kitchen were designed with all of the modern amenities in mind, and as a result they tend to reflect a modern apartment’s functionality and style. The walk-in shower and tiled bathroom floor, as well as the kitchen’s quartz composite stone worktops and engineered oak floors, perfectly fit the specifications for a high-end apartment.  

We also paid special attention to the artwork within the hallway as you enter the apartment - we selected an abstract and contemporary piece for display, one you’d expect to see in a gallery or exhibition, making a statement as you walk in. These artworks complement the classical qualities of apartment 9, working in tandem with the deep colours and luxurious ambience. 

Bedroom in apartment 9 at John Dower House, Cheltenham

The bedrooms have an intimate, cosy feel with some comfortable statement beds and contemporary artworks. - Credit: Oliver Grahame Photography

Q: How would you describe the John Dower House building and apartments? 

A: Before you even enter the lobby of John Dower House, the architectural details and scale of the building is outstanding. You’ll notice the black and white tiled flooring and beautiful ceilings as you walk in, and immediately sense the history that is ever-present. 

You can take all of the ideas that this conjures with you when you step into the wonderfully restored living spaces. Apartment 9 has everything that you need, from an abundance of storage space and a seating area for dining, to the magnificent curved wall that is a truly unique feature within the apartments of John Dower House. 

Grade II listed and sensitively restored to become home to just 12 apartments, John Dower House offers a unique take on contemporary living in the heart of Cheltenham. There are just 2 two-bedroom apartments remaining, both priced at £475,000. 

To learn more about John Dower House, or to arrange a viewing, visit or call 01242 292950.