Cotswold gardens: A little outside help

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Cotswold Estates and Gardens - Credit: Archant

Rachael Jenkins of Cotswold Estates and Gardens talks about the advantages of having a professional company plan your garden design

Gardening. We’re all encouraged to ‘give it a go’ and benefit from the improved wellbeing that an enjoyable garden space is scientifically proven to bring us. But what if your space is a problem and a worry, overgrown and hard work, poorly laid out, or just plain boring? Whilst countless TV programs suggest that it’s so easy to makeover your garden in a weekend, often after a few trips to the garden centre, probably spending more money than planned, the result doesn’t quite match your dreams.

Does this paint a familiar picture? I recommend talking with professional garden designers and landscapers who have the expertise and can give you the confidence and advice needed to make the dream happen.

Sadly, many people feel that perhaps their garden space is too small to bother with professionals, or that the result will deliver a garden they don’t like, maybe ‘someone else’s dream’. Don’t give up! Garden designers are trained and experienced to take you through a tried and tested process which delivers great gardens, both large and small, that exceed customer expectations.

So, what is this expertise and why does it make a difference?


This is a critical piece of work that is often not executed correctly by nonprofessionals. Competent designers will spend time talking through your needs and hopes for the garden, but it doesn’t stop there. The many aspects that influence the design are discussed and investigated. These will include physical and legal parameters, such as garden aspect and planning restraints.

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Other variables are specific to you; are you keen to grow vegetables, do you like entertaining, long for more privacy or would you like to encourage wildlife?


Often people believe that using garden professionals is a luxury that isn’t justified. However many estate agents estimate that a well designed and maintained garden adds 5-10% to a house value! Conversely, a poor design can easily reduce value. Of course everyone needs to ‘cut their cloth’ and an expert designer will be able to work within a range of budgets and advise you on the most effective way to maximise impact.


As professionals we are required to keep up to date on best practice advice and current legal compliance for both design and construction. We are frequently researching landscape products, including the latest developments in sustainable materials and time saving technical solutions. Designers work closely with the garden constructor to ensure that the most appropriate methods of construction are used and the design ideas are built as intended.

Professional landscapers have access to a wide range of wholesale and specialist plant nurseries that are simply not available to the general public, and know the best suppliers for your garden scheme.


So, the brief has created a long list of elements to be resolved, and maybe the budget doesn’t look like it would stretch that far. Now the role of the designer becomes clear as they put all the elements of the brief, their skill and industry knowledge into a melting pot, and creative alchemy occurs.


The magic has happened and the design is agreed, but the role of the professional doesn’t stop there. Anyone who has had a house extended or a kitchen remodeled knows that delivering the design is a complex process. Employing a professional landscaping company ensures that the budget is met and the project is managed correctly. Taking care of health and safety compliance, insurance, project planning, and giving a guarantee of workmanship.

So, if you are thinking about enhancing your wellbeing by redesigning your garden, then commissioning a garden professional will certainly be a good investment!

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