Visit Hale: the small village with a strong sense of community

Hale Clock Tower

Hale Clock Tower - Credit: Archant

Hale’s community spirit has kept the town thriving

Victoria Road, Hale

Victoria Road, Hale - Credit: Archant

I’m sure many of us are happy that the year 2020 is coming to an end. To say that it’s been a trying year is somewhat of an understatement. Families have been kept apart and businesses have struggled, especially those in the hospitality industry. But one positive outcome this year has shown us, is that the people of Cheshire have a strong sense of community and do their utmost to try and support one another. One of those communities is Hale. Many think this is an incredibly flashy place, but Hale is actually very charming with a laid-back vibe that combines rural charm with urban chic. The stylish village is home not only to some of Cheshire’s rich and famous, but to many independent businesses too. While the ever-changing rules and restrictions and the latest lockdown have been incredibly tough on businesses, many of them have adapted well.

Hale has long been a favourite spot for people to peruse the shops and grab a tasty brunch. On a sunny day, the atmosphere is unlike any other place. Cheshire food bloggers Jamie Carter and Richard Dash, founders of Lost in Cheshire, frequently stop by Hale not only for the amazing dining scene but also for the atmosphere. ‘Everyone loves to brunch and we are no exception,’ Jamie says. ‘Hale is one of our go-to spots for brunching because there is just so much on offer; from healthy eats to lavish dinners, you can find it all in this small village – one of our favourites has to be The Garden Eatery.’ With the current restrictions, many places have resorted to takeaways and delivery and with most of us working from home, lunch from our favourite café is a much-needed midweek pick-me-up. ‘We make it our mission to support the local businesses, whether that’s from a quick takeaway coffee or a full Sunday breakfast delivered straight to our door,’ Richard adds.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of making a conscious effort to support those around you, even with a quick, ‘how are you doing?’ when you go to pick up your shopping. One person who has noticed the camaraderie of Hale is the manager of The Little Deli Company, Emma Stoyel. ‘We’re a neighbourhood café and we value our regulars,’ she says. ‘And this year, we truly appreciate their support. Coming in for a brownie and a latte makes such a difference to us. When we closed during the first lockdown, it was really difficult. We then re-opened for takeaways, and the response we had was amazing. Being told by our customers how much they missed us was really heartening.’

The Garden Eatery now offers takeaway and delivery

The Garden Eatery now offers takeaway and delivery - Credit: Archant

This neighbourhood spot, located across the road from Stamford Park, makes for an ideal place to grab a treat and meet up with friends for a socially distanced walk. ‘So many of our customers pop in after a walk in the park and they appreciate us being open because it gives them something to do in lockdown,’ she adds. Hale is full of little delights like this, such as Hills Bakery, an artisan bakery that provides the village with delectable sweet and savoury goodies. Everything from gluten-free bread to handmade confectionery can be found here. And with Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stock up on some festive treats, a tradition for all local residents.

Of course, Hale has always been a popular village, attracting property developers and celebrities alike, with its mix of stunning homes, tempting shops and amazing restaurants. This is the place to live if you want a relaxed style of life that incorporates all things Cheshire whilst still being close to the city of Manchester. Will Magdzinski, from Hibbert Homes, says of Hale: ‘The Hale area is a great place to live. It is super popular due to its location. Within no time at all, you can be in the centre of Manchester for a meeting, or on a walk in the countryside. It has the best of both worlds. The vibe is great, morning, noon and night with plenty of places to visit and lots to do. Of course, the schools are fantastic and have huge pulling power too, which is why so many families love the area.’ Part city, part rural, Hale is quintessentially Cheshire, full of independents that need your help, and with Christmas approaching, why not make it your mission to buy a couple of bits from your local shops?

Whether that’s a quick coffee, takeaway dinner or a new Christmas decoration, you’d be surprised at the difference it can make.

Hills Bakery whip up some festive treats

Hills Bakery whip up some festive treats - Credit: Archant

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Some of the businesses that make Hale special:

The Little Deli Company is a neighbourhood spot in Hale

The Little Deli Company is a neighbourhood spot in Hale - Credit: Archant


Altrincham basements

Ultimate Garden Designs

Hills bakery


Gascoigne Halman

Hibbert Homes


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