Five things you need to know about Cheadle

St. Mary's Parish Church,and Wilmslow Road, Cheadle.

St. Mary's Parish Church,and Wilmslow Road, Cheadle. - Credit: Archant

This former Cheshire town is now part of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport

1. There has been human occupation in Cheadle since prehistoric times. The earliest evidence of civilisation is of burial mounds dating from the iron age, belonging to Celts who occupied Britain. Later, the area was occupied by Brigantes, whose activity was discovered in the form of axe fragments.

2. During the late nineteenth century, Jack Frost might attempt to coat all of Cheadle in his sparkling rime, but would fail in his endeavours at the kitchen garden of Abney Hall. The walled garden hides an ingenious but extravagant invention which kept the orchard and vegetable garden warm and frost-free all winter. The walls contain cavities and during the heyday of the hall, warm air was blown from a furnace in the cellar, through the cavities and out of a gothic style ventilation shaft. Clever.

3. According to in 2013 most property sales in Cheadle involved semi-detached properties, which sold for on average £197,264. Cheadle, with an overall average price of £214,710 was more expensive than nearby Heald Green (£197,907), but was cheaper than Cheadle Hulme (£234,841). During the last year, sold prices in Cheadle were 5% up on 2012, but still 5% down on 2008.

4. Cheadle’s popular Bruntwood Park Pitch & Putt Golf Course faced permanent closure recently when Stockport Council announced that it would no longer fund the facility. Luckily, the team at Cheadle Golf Club stepped in and reached an agreement with the Council, resulting in a re-opening in May. It is hoped the pitch-and-putt course will be used to introduce beginners and youngsters to the sport before they play at the Club’s full course. Hurrah for community spirit!

5. Community spirit has always run strong in Cheadle. In 1940 the German Luftwaffe bombed the village, killing eight residents. Unusually, the names of those killed were included on the War Memorial established in Cheadle village commemorating the dead of both World Wars.

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