23 of Essex’s funniest place and street names

Welcome to Fingringhoe (c) Simon Greig, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Welcome to Fingringhoe (c) Simon Greig, Flickr (CC BY 2.0) - Credit: Archant

On social media we asked Essex Life’s followers and readers to tell us our county’s funniest, rudest, silliest and weirdest place or street names. You came back to us in droves and have allowed us to put together this list of 23 chuckle-worthy locations

1) Tom Tit Lane near Woodham Mortimer

This small lane just off the Maldon Road gives motorists a chuckle every time they make a trip inland towards Gay Bowers and Butt's Green. Speaking of which….

2) Butt's Green

We can't actually find any information on why Butt's Green is called Butt's Green - please do let us know if you have information about its etymology - but we can safely assume it wasn't named after Shrek's rear end.

3) Dancing Dicks Lane near Witham

Head out to this winding country road near Witham and Hatfield Peverel for the funny name and you may well be surprised at the views you'll find when you get there.

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4) Fiddlers Folley, Colchester

Sara Garwood, via Facebook, said: "I always get funny remarks about living in Fiddlers Folley".

St. Peter's Church, Ugley, Essex, England

5) Ugley

Despite its name this small village in the Uttlesford district is really rather pretty. The name has developed from 'Uggele' and 'Ugghelea' which roughly refers to a wooded clearing owned by someone called Ugga.

6) Faggot Yard, Bocking

You may have to squint or zoom in a little but Faggot Yard really does exist just down the road from the local college.

7) Tinkers Hole near Burnham-on-Crouch

This seems like the exact sort of sign that would get altered with a 'S' in front of the 'T'.

Shellow Bowells

8) Shellow Bowells

Located in the countryside between Chelmsford and Harlow, Shellow means a bend in the river and Bowells is thought to be a reference to the Beaulieu family.

9) Hillie Bunnies, Earls Colne

While some of the names on this list certainly lean towards the crude end of the spectrum, the name of this residential street backing onto the Colne Valley Golf Club is rather more family friendly.

Turkey Cock Lane

10) Turkey Cock Lane, Colchester

The classic funny street name and most likely the one that's best known in all of Essex.

11) Butt Road, Colchester

Butt Road isn't particularly funny in its own right but it is taken to another level when you realise that there's an adult store based on it. You really can't make these things up and we'd love to know if Adult Emporium deliberately chose Butt Road for their Colchester store.

Fiddlers Hamlet

12) Fiddlers Hamlet

When you're visiting this hamlet in the Epping Forest district make sure you have a pint or a bite to eat at The Merry Fiddlers pub which gave the hamlet its name.


13) Fingringhoe

We'll leave you to work this one out for yourself...

14) Twitty Fee, Danbury

Off Runsell Lane on the edges of Danbury you'll find this rural track that sounds like an old-timey insult.

15) Rotten End

Despite the name this hamlet near Shalford is a desirable countryside location to live as it's home to a number of attractive properties.

16) Lane Road near Wakes Colne

You've got to love the irony of this one.

Answers on a postcard please IMG_3641

17) Pig's Head in the Pottage Pot Gant, Braintree

When we were recommended this one on Facebook by Sarah Cocks we couldn't believe this was a real thing. Turns out there are a number of oddly-named passages and alleyways - known as gants - in Braintree including Leatherworkers Gant, Bird in Hand Gant and more.

Matching Tye

18) Matching Tye

Presumably to go with your matching blazer, shirt, trousers and shoes?

19) Creasen Butt Close, Heybridge

If you live on this small close you not only get the benefit of writing a great name on all your correspondence, you also have easy access to a walk that takes you along the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation and to the Sunny Sailor pub.

20) Bacon End

This one could be a little upsetting for any pigs seeing the sign.

21) Pork Lane near Kirby Cross

They'll also want to steer clear of this country lane inland from Frinton-on-Sea.

22) Wigley Bush Lane, Brentwood

We have to admit we hadn't heard of this road before Elizabeth Thornton suggested it on Facebook but it really is one of our county's prettiest streets, especially when accessing it from the South Weald end.

23) Burnt Dick Hill, Boxted

Like so many of the names we've covered, information about how this name came about is tricky to come by. It seems a fitting way to round off our list however.


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