A look at the The Gauntlet Shopping thoroughfare in Glastonbury

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury - Credit: Archant

Glastonbury’s premier shopping thoroughfare double award winners of the 2008 mendip Built in Quality award.

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury - Credit: Archant

A curious mix of old and new, The Gauntlet shopping thoroughfare blends the history, mystique and charm of olde-world Glastonbury with the vibrance of the modern day shopping experience. No trip to the Isle of Avalon would be complete without the stroll through time that The Gauntlet encapsulates.

The Gauntlet Premier shopping thoroughfare takes pride of place situated in Glastonbury town centre, a pedestrian walkway linking up the High street with the town’s main St Johns car park.

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury

The Gauntlet, Glastonbury - Credit: Archant

An ancient thoroughfare revitalised with 16 shops offering a wide spectrum of goods and services to satisfy all tastes.

Arguably the most significant development in the history of Glastonbury town centre since its planning by the Normans nearly 1000 years ago.

After the horrendous recent COVID -19 Pandemic we know it will be a great challenge, but we will lay down the Gauntlet and reinvent ourselves. This is after all Glastonbury, totally unique , and certainly not a stereo typical town by any means. We hope you come visit us on the 15th June.

The Gauntlet History

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A typical medieval Burgage plot encapsulating various historical periods dating back a thousand years.

Two separate archaeological studies that were conducted prior to development on the site show evidence of continual settlement throughout the years with occupancy starting in the 12th century to date. There were many finds of interest that have been logged, the oldest of which were Romano-British potsherds which pre-dated the settlement. All the finds are currently displayed and located in the County Museum, Taunton.

The Gauntlet, which is situated next to the famous Tribunal, is also a listed building and is of great historical importance. It is a prime example of how conservation does not have to be static and in this case has demonstrated that by combining with a commercial project it will help its sustainability and hopefully guarantee its future.

High Street Glastonbury, next to the Tourist Information Centre. If accessing from the High Street the post code is BA6 9DP. If you plan to arrive at St John’s car park please set your sat-nav to postcode BA6 9LJ.


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