Green Man creates a real song and dance at Wild Wood Weekend in Wakehurst

Wild Wood event held at Wakehurst Place (Photo by Jim Holden)

Wild Wood event held at Wakehurst Place (Photo by Jim Holden) - Credit: Jim Holden

Serenaded by gentle woodland music against a backdrop of bird-song… delighted giggles and laughter could be heard ringing throughout the sun-dappled canopy of Pearcelands Wood at Wakehurst this Bank holiday weekend.

Wild Wood which ran from 28-30 May offered some very real and exciting activities such as camping in the canopy, tree-climbing and stories under an oak tree. In addition, at Pearcelands there were bush-craft activities, an aerial runway, woodland crafts, chainsaw sculpture and working horses.

The smell of wood-smoke hung in the air in a clearing where hand-made double barrelled drone-flutes were being tried out for purchase and a ‘Green Man’ played the bag-pipes. Wakehurst’s Loder Valley Warden and resident charcoal burner was there demonstrating his craft whilst selling hand carved wooden stools outside a traditional charcoal burner’s hovel (home).

Pearcelands has its own amphitheatre in which professional performers put on a family show all about the wonders of the woodlandt. Under another canopy Ed Boxall told his story ‘Under the Old Oak Tree’.

“We’re delighted at the turn-out at this natural woodland event”, said Tony Sweeney, Director of Wakehurst.

“There was a lovely atmosphere and families really seemed to be enjoying themselves whilst actively participating in a range of engaging events and demonstrations. I particularly enjoyed meeting some of the traditional crafts makers and learning about their trades, but if I’d have had the chance I would have loved to have been on the aerial walkway and abseiling up the beautiful tree that was such a perfect shape for tree-climbing!”

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