Holcombe - for high days and holidays

Our artist paints the village of Holcombe and Kathryn Preston reveals a few of its charms

Hunting for Holcombe

Where is Holcombe? Not far from Ramsbottom, just off the A676. Programme your satnav to BL8 4LZ and you will be close to the village centre.

Is there parking? There is a convenient car park on the B6214 just south of the village.

What is there to do? Go for a grand walk. There is a fairly direct route up Holcombe Hill. Try Keith Carter’s local walk here

The charming village of Holcombe is a walker’s dream and climbing its famous hill has been a traditional Good Friday leg-stretcher followed by a spot of competitive egg-pacing.

Once you’ve got back your breath you’ll find yourself at Peel Tower, which has been a local landmark since the 1850s when it was built for the eminent Victorian politician Sir Robert Peel, who was a local lad. In the summer months, the 128ft tower is open at weekends for you to climb to the top and admire the panoramic views of Ramsbottom and environs.

The village itself is lovely and unspoilt, surrounded by expansive fields and small woodland areas. Historically, Holcombe was at its most active in the 17th and 18th centuries when it was a farming community settled close to a packhorse bridge and coach route which is now known as Holcombe Old Road.

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Many of the original buildings from the period remain intact including the community pub, the Shoulder of Mutton.

The area is also famous as home to the Holcombe Hunt which is thought to be one of the oldest in the world. Tracing its roots back

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