How we’d answer some of the most popular Dorset Google searches

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Starting a search on Google brings up a whole range of suggested searches based on what people are asking a lot. Here we answer some of the world’s most pressing queries about Dorset...

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To kick it off, we searched for ‘Does Dorset...’. Here are a few quick-fire answers.

• ...flood: unfortunately It does sometimes.

• ...have a hosepipe ban: Not at the time of publishing. But if you’re reading this in the future, there may well be.

• ...have a flag: Yep (it’s yellow, red and white).

• ...have a city: Nope.

• ...have a motorway: Nope again.

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• ...have a train station: Erm, yes... quite a few actually.


We then moved on to ‘Is Dorset...’

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• ...a county: Yep.

• the south west: Wikipedia says so.

• the West Country: Wikipedia says so, again... can it be both?

• ...going to get snow: Probably not at the moment. Although, you may be reading this when it’s winter. In that case, maybe.

• Bournemouth: On the face of it, no. Then again, if you think outside the box, you could say yes!

• ...a nice place to live: No. It’s a bloomin’ fantastic place to live. Just look at all these amazing places and photos.


Moving on to more specific places... first up, ‘Does Bournemouth...’

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• ...have a sandy beach: Hell yes! That was our number 1 reason to love Bournemouth in our feature on the town from 2014.

• ...have a pier: Yep! Plenty of mentions of that both here and here.

• ...have 4g: On some networks, yes! But we advise you to put your phone away and take in some of the town’s beauty.

• ...have an airport: Not just an airport, but an air festival too!

• ...airport fly to Paris: The airport itself doesn’t; that would probably be quite a feat. But they’re talking about airlines, right? In that case, yes.

• ...beach allow dogs: There are a few regulations in place, so it’s best to check!


A few miles down the road now. ‘Is Christchurch...’

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• Dorset: We probably wouldn’t have featured it here if not.

• ...a good place to live: We actually answered this back in December.

• Dorset and Hampshire: We’ll admit it... Christchurch did used to lie within Hampshire borders but it became part of Dorset back in 1974 after local government reorganisation.

• Bournemouth: Nope!

• ...worth visiting: Most definitely! The local food is just one reason to visit!

• ...near Auckland: Just under 11,500 miles as the crow flies. So, no.


‘Is Lyme Regis...’

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• Devon or Dorset: It is near the border, but it’s most definitely ours!

• ...beach sandy: It is in places, as mentioned here.

• ...nice: Yes. Have a look at this picture and we think you might agree.

• ...beach dog friendly: Regulations are in place!

• Devon: We’ve gone through this already...

• Dorset: See answer above for ‘Is Christchurch in Dorset’...


Finally, on to some of the ‘Best places in Dorset for...’

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• ...crabbing: Kimmeridge Bay is certainly up there.

• ...lunch: Probably one of these fantastic pubs/restaurants.

• ...fossils: We do have the Jurassic Coast, so quite a lot of places! But make sure you search responsibly!

• ...afternoon tea: Funnily enough, here are 11 we featured.

• ...fossil hunting: See above!

• ...sea fishing: The sea? In all seriousness, for the men and women whose boats operate out of Weymouth harbour, fishing is more than just a job - it’s a lifelong passion. Read about that and the future of the industry here.


Spotted any funny Dorset related Google search suggestions? Let us know @dorsetmag.

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