Live animal webcams you can watch from home

We've selected UK zoos and wildlife enclosures with live animal webcams including koalas! (Photo: ma

We've selected UK zoos and wildlife enclosures with live animal webcams including koalas! (Photo: manonvanos, Getty Images) - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Animals are always a source of joy so we have gathered some zoos and wildlife parks across the country (and beyond) that are livestreaming animal enclosures


Cotswold Wildlife Park

Although closing due to a lockdown isn’t the best way to celebrate turning 50, Cotswold Wildlife Park isn’t letting that get them down. The team at the Park have got webcams set up for their meerkat and penguin enclosures.

See the Park’s penguins splashing around, hopping from rock to rock and getting excited during visits from their keepers, while the cheeky meerkats play and sun themselves under the heat lamps.

Click here to view the penguin and meerkat cams at Cotswold Wildilfe Park.



Edinburgh Zoo

Our northernmost offering is Edinburgh Zoo which has webcams from five of its enclosures: pandas, two penguin enclosures, tigers and koalas. Switch between tumbling pandas with fistfuls of bamboo, elusive tigers skulking around their treehouse enclosure and lazy koalas nibbling eucalyptus and sleeping.

Follow Edinburgh Zoo on YouTube for your fix of animal videos.

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Dublin Zoo

The Republic of Ireland’s capital city zoo is livestreaming some of its enclosures around the clock. There are three cams on offer: elephants, penguins and the zoo’s largest habitat, the African Savanna. The Savanna cam sweeps from giraffes to rhinos and ostriches to zebras and even the scimitar-horned oryx, which is extinct from the wild.

Visit the website to watch these webcams.




Wildlife Trusts webcams

Webcams across the UK have been set up by the Wildlife Trusts, taking in a diverse cross-section of the countryside and its bounteous fauna. From peregrine falcons at Nottingham Trent University to badgers in Cumbria and even puffins on the island of Burhou, there are plenty of live displays of the majesty of Mother Nature to behold.

Check back on the website year-round as bat roosts in Essex and nesting barn owl cams become active.




• Puppy cam

The website has a plethora of webcams from around the world from African safari cams to tropical reefs. One of our favourites, though, is the puppy whelping room cam at Warrior Canine Connection’s Puppy Enrichment Center in Maryland, USA.

The current litter is an extremely cute roomful of clumsy Golden Retriever puppies. Watch as their mother feeds them before a taxing afternoon of napping. If this doesn’t calm you down and make you feel more at ease with the world, we don’t know what will.

Check out the website and explore hundreds of webcams from across the world. Watch the puppy cam below:




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