Lymm, Cheshire, A lovely place to live

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Ahoy there!In the 1770s, even before the Manchester Ship Canal opened in 1894, Lymm became a key location in the industrial landscape. The Duke of Bridgewater needed to transport coal from the north in Worsley in 1759.The plans for this split the village in two but nowadays the Bridgewater canal provides a picturesque backcloth to village life and narrow boats cruise leisurely up and down or linger to sample the pleasures of the fine pubs and restaurants.

Trail blazersWalk, cycle or just stroll along part of the Transpennine Trail, a coast to coast walk from Southport to Hull, created when the old London and North Western railway track of 1853 was eventually closed down.  There’s the old railway hotel and a Heritage Trail too which explains the area’s rise to importance in the Industrial Revolution.

A cross to bearThe most recognisable hallmark and the centre of Lymm’s picturesque village is The Cross which is based on ancient steps carved out of the natural red stone and worn with age. It is supported by four stone pillars which some believe date back to the 14th century and is likely to be where everyone hung out and then threw missiles at people in the stocks.

Dam beautifulWhile not a nature reserve, Lymm dam is where visitors can retreat for a spot of angling, riding, or just soaking up the tranquillity of the pretty surroundings. This tree-lined lake of outstanding natural beauty was created in the early 1800s and for the past two years has been awarded green flag status. Lymm dam 01925 758195  Tee anyone?Lymm golf club was created in the 1890s by Mr Alfred Watkin a businessman who commuted into Manchester with the advent of the railway and who persuaded his fellow travellers that a golf course was an excellent idea.

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Most noted for……being an early player in the Industrial Revolution with the creation of the Bridgewater canal

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Grand designsLymm Baptist Church was founded in 1850, but its roots are to be found 100 years earlier at Millington, about four miles away, where a group of Baptists had been worshipping together at least 12 years earlier, perhaps in a farmhouse nearby.

While you’re here…Check out Lymm festival which celebrated its 10th anniversary in July 2009

But try not to...…compete for a pint with the local rugby players – the team started out life as a drinking club. | Lymm Media Gallery, Lymm TV and more!

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