New parking charges for Surrey - have your say!

Over 26,000 people signed an online petition against Surrey County Council's plan to introduce parking charges to thousands of free bays. Are you for or against the charges?


Over 26,000 people signed an online petition against Surrey County Council's plan to introduce parking charges to thousands of free bays, before its Wednesday March 23 deadline.

While the council claims the charges would actively stimulate business by increasing the turnover of cars, independent shop owners say they will kill passing trade.

Are you for or against the charges? Leave your comments below...

What does it all mean?

Surrey County Council intends to implement the new charges across the county with three proposed tariffs: high (70p for 30 minutes); medium (50p for 30 minutes); and low (30p for 30 minutes). The highest charges would apply in major towns such as Guildford and Woking, while the medium charges would be for other towns and large villages, and the low charge for more isolated locations. The proposed timetable for the project is as follows:

Elmbridge and Reigate & Banstead (cabinet decision on May 24 2011)Possible implementation: July/early September 2011

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Surrey Heath and Spelthorne (cabinet decision on July 26 2011)Possible implementation: September/October 2011

Guildford and Waverley (cabinet decision on September 27 2011)Possible implementation: November 2011

Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell (cabinet decision on November 29 2011)Possible implementation: February 2012

Woking and Runnymede (cabinet decision on January 31 2012)Possible implementation: March 2012

Tandridge (cabinet decision on March 27 2012)Possible implementation: May 2012

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@ SurreyLife Any truth in the rumour that Surrey County Council have already spent �2m on parking meters despite 20k locals protesting? OldDairyStudios @ SurreyLife lots of my customers signed too. Will drop our petitions off to JJs in Oxted AnnaEpsomLibDem @ SurreyLife Don't forget the 19000 who signed paper petition! These parking charges are a disaster & will really harm local small traders Rubybettboo @ SurreyLife Husband owns a barbers shop in Reigate and was not told about charges until saw petition in shop next door ... cont... Will cause major damage to small shops on parades. MyQuacks @ SurreyLife Parking charges won't "increase the turnover of cars", it will increase the number of empty spaces as people shop elsewhere. Custardclothing @ SurreyLife ppl will pay for parking if it goes up just like they would if their Internet cost more. We just need to keep towns interesting glenatron @ SurreyLife One advantage of shopping in a real shop rather than online was that you didn't have delivery charges. This removes that. babyboulevard @ SurreyLife - killing the high street shops even more!!!! :( it's cheaper for people to order their goods online. charliestylist @ SurreyLife Yet another money generating scheme while cutting back spending! I've signed the petition. MikeMooreDJ @ SurreyLife - Short sighted and blinkered. Give an idiot a little power and the rest suffer. WitchEnd @ SurreyLife Surrey have increased the 20min parking by 50%! I thought the war on the motorist was over. I will not pay, I will shop online. NickEntwistle @ SurreyLife Got a Tory leaflet through door "no increase in council tax" They're on about saving money, but stealth taxing us in other ways!

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