QUIZ - Can you name these famous churches in Yorkshire?

Photo by Karol Gajewski

Photo by Karol Gajewski - Credit: Archant

Test your architectural and ecclesiastical knowledge with this picture based quiz.


Yorkshire is a county that is full of unique and awe-inspiring churches of all denominations, from the grand cathedrals and minsters in our major towns and cities, to the mediaeval ruins of Augustine and Cistercian priories and abbeys.


These houses of worship have brought visitors to the white rose county for centuries, whether for religious pilgrimage or for those wishing to admire the architectural splendour and history.


One thing you have to give credit to the builders of many of these impressive buildings is that location was very much an important factor in their imagining and creation. We have wonderful churches overlooking the Irish Sea as well as within beautifully kept grounds and parks.

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Anyone familiar to Yorkshire will have seen many of these building that are featured in our picture quiz, and the truth is, there are hundreds of others that we could have featured. What is your favourite church in Yorkshire? We would love to see your photos in the reader photo gallery.


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