QUIZ - Can you tell the difference between Scarborough and Whitby?

Scarborough beach by Anna Whiteley

Scarborough beach by Anna Whiteley - Credit: Archant

These two seaside locations will be familiar to many people, but how well do you know them?

Scarborough and Whitby have a lot in common. They are both popular seaside resorts on the heritage coast of the North Sea and on the edges of the North York Moors national park.

They were both perfect locations for human settlement, owing to the rocky highpoints that provided a perfect defence and lookout point and naturally both towns saw the rise of seafaring and fishing industries.

You can see all these elements of human history dotted around the surrounds of these towns and for many, they have become familiar sights.

But how many of them can you recognise?

How many did you guess correctly? Share and challenge your friends to beat your score.