Seeing Ivybridge through your eyes

Often coined as the 'Gateway to the Moors', Ivybridge is surrounded by natural beauty, from the River Erme to Dartmoor. Devon Life showcases some of your best images which capture the diversity of life outdoors in Ivybridge

Kim Aldis

I took this shot right on the edge of the moors where the old Redlake Tramway runs to the north of Ivybridge. We were up there walking the dogs in the late afternoon, and the sun was low, picking out details in the rolling hills of the South Hams between Ivybridge and the sea. We tend to walk the edges of the moors because they’re accessible, and we can get there before the dogs work out that they have the inside of a car to wreck! The moors above Ivybridge are right against the A38 but still isolated enough that you can forget about civilisation for a bit.

Mike Kinsey

I am inspired by light, the way it interacts with what it illuminates (or doesn’t – I love low light work), and by the way man’s industry melds with nature such as in Dartmoor’s old quarries. My wife, Sally, recently bought me a hot air balloon flight as a birthday present, when I took this photo. It was a fantastic morning – very frosty and clear – when we flew from Cornwood to South Brent. An aerial shot like this one shows the patterns of fields, roads and railways, the mess of modern quarrying as well as the beauty of the old, and the journey from moor through farmland, township, to harbour and sea.

Derek Spink

This photo was taken just downstream of the railway bridge in Ivybridge one November. I have always liked the Erme river especially in the springtime or autumn, for the colours really, and the river is always lovely in spate or very low. I do a lot of gorge-walking in the river, which gives me a different perspective to walking on the banks. I love all of Dartmoor and Devon’s countryside – it is just the most beautiful place in the world in the springtime. 

Jonathan Turns

I took this picture of the River Erme as it runs past the Erme playing fields and tennis courts in beautiful light in December. I have lived in Ivybridge for 17 years now and it is an ideal place to live. There is so much to do, plus the town is close to the sea and the moors, so we get the best of all worlds.

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Mark Coombs

Ivybridge has more to offer than first meets the eye. Besides the shops, caf�s, traditional pubs, The Watermark, and its own music festival, right on its doorstep there is Long Timber Woods, walks along the River Erme, Dartmoor and it’s also a stone’s throw from the coast. Being in such an idyllic location gives me the inspiration to take photographs of the area, which I now display in Lime Square Gallery and Giftware which I recently opened in Ivybridge.

Tony Cobley


Ivybridge is an amazing place to live for those who love the outdoors. I have lived here for nearly 20 years and enjoy the proximity to the moor, the River Erme and the coast – all are so close. I never get bored of walking in the beautiful Long Timber Woods, which surround the River Erme as she makes her way from moor to sea. Ivybridge has great access to a lovely corner of Dartmoor and this is the closest part of the moor to the coast. This means that superb sea views can be enjoyed from Western Beacon, which is directly above Ivybridge.  

Get snapping!

Ivybridge-based photographer Tony Cobley runs photography workshops at Lukesland Gardens on the outskirts of Ivybridge. “I choose Lukesland Gardens as the location for my Creative Photography Workshops because the gardens are full of photogenic gems,” says Tony. “From streams, ponds and waterfalls to cosy, tree-tunnelled pathways, amazing species of plants, quirky statues and Gothic architecture. The environment at Lukesland seems to bring out the creativity in all of my participants!”

Often coined as the ‘Gateway to the Moors’, Ivybridge is surrounded by natural beauty, from the River Erme to Dartmoor. Devon Life showcases some of your best images which capture the diversity of life outdoors in Ivybridge

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