The Magna Carta Embroidery created for Runnymede

Pat Hailstone (left) and Rhoda Nevins (right) with Carolynn Stephens under the embroidery

Pat Hailstone (left) and Rhoda Nevins (right) with Carolynn Stephens under the embroidery - Credit: Archant

A magnificent tapestry has been commissioned by Runnymede Borough Council to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

The Runnymede panel

The Runnymede panel - Credit: Archant

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Pirbright-based embroiderer Rhoda Nevins has spent over a year working with a team on the 12 individual panels, which are backed with heavyweight silk and feature appliqué and surface embroidery, using silk and gold threads.

“It has been an absolute privilege for my team and I to work on this series of tapestries depicting how the British spread law and order around the world from 1215 to the present,” says Rhoda, who was part of the team that embroidered the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress.

“Their persistence back then has given us the liberties and freedom that we all enjoy today.”

The panels tell the story of how the Barons persuaded King John to agree to the Magna Carta in 1215, laying the foundation for law and order and the democratic principles of this country.

Since the 13th century, the Magna Carta has continued to underpin legal systems across the world, forming the basis of the constitution in countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, India and more.

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• The Magna Carta Embroidery will be on display across the UK as part of the anniversary events. The first Surrey viewing is at G Live, Guildford, on Wednesday June 3. Further dates can be found at


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