The risks of DIY holiday planning

Holiday Designers

Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

The dos and don’ts of DIY holiday planning

Dan Lion, MD, Holiday Designers

Dan Lion, MD, Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

DIY holidays is the fastest growing trend for many who think they will save lots of money and still have the best time.

Here is Dan Lion, Managing Director of Holiday Designers, established in 2011, with some reliable do’s and don’ts.

Holiday Designers

Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

DIY Risks

Arranging your own holiday can definitely save you money, but like any DIY you have to invest your own valuable time researching and doing the work. You have to work your way through all the lengthy information online, much of it inconsistent, which becomes a minefield, confusing and totally frustrating.

Plus, there are critical finer details like arranging visas and checking entry requirements like minimum passport validity. If everything is not just right, holidaymakers can be refused flight boarding or passage through immigration. Peace of mind is paramount.

Holiday Designers

Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

Booking online

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Online booking sounds good with promising bargains, but it’s not always user friendly and never easy to speak to a real person.

We receive more calls from clients who tried to do it themselves but got so confused and overloaded they forgot what they saw, what they liked and why.

Bespoke holidays

Our experience in this industry is second to none and we are justly proud of what we have achieved. Our team at Holiday Designers create relationships with our customers, suppliers and staff – together with first-class service.

Holiday Designers

Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

Attention to detail is our highest priority, so no matter what you need your package to include, we can provide it. Plus, we provide a full concierge service.

Being independent we are free to choose who we work with and offer a multitude of options from modest to ultra-luxurious, tame to wild and adventurous.


Being part of The Travel Network Group (TTNG) means we have excellent deals negotiated for us as part of the group and the professional support of their organisation.

All our holidays are 100% financially protected under Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) T7406 and as Travel Trust Association (TTA) members we offer the added peace of mind of securing our clients funds in a trust account.

Holiday Designers

Holiday Designers - Credit: Archant

Holiday request with a twist

An enquiry from a family looking for a summer holiday with a twist was a chance to showcase the benefits of booking with a specialist travel company.

The challenge was to find a holiday for two adults and two sporty boys aged 9 & 6, with a sport related theme to keep them fully occupied for a week in the summer. They specified their maximum budget, wanted to fly from the Southwest and accommodation needed.

Many different options were researched but what really got the attention of these footy crazy boys was a football camp in Sardinia being run by ex-Premier League players.

Campioni Soccer Academy runs camps throughout the summer. Andy Cole, former England International striker, was billed to run the camp the week this family were planning to travel, so they were keen to go. Holiday Designers found flights and accommodation on half board, all within their budget.

The boys enjoyed two daily football sessions, five days a week. Their parents were able to relax and enjoy the glorious resort’s pool and beautiful Mediterranean beaches, with peace of mind their little ones were being well looked after.

In the evening the family enjoyed delicious meals at one of the resort’s nine restaurants. This was a job well done as the Young family is returning to Chia Laguna this summer for a repeat visit.

If you would like Holiday Designers to help you with your holiday arrangements wherever you want to go, or ideas and suggestions, just call Dan and his team on 0203 384 0026 or email, Or you can come in for a chat in the travel lounge or visit