*VIDEO* How wife carrying became a popular pastime in Dorking

UK wife carrying race in Dorking

UK wife carrying race in Dorking - Credit: Archant

Participants at the seventh annual UK Wife Carrying Race in Dorking had to hurdle hay bales while carrying their ‘wives’ and avoiding the crowds, who were armed with water pistols and buckets.

The unusual race, which is organised by Rob McCaffery, attracted around 50 competitors from around the world and is perfectly captured in this short film by Farnham-based production company Cojo Films.

Inspired by watching the Finnish World Championships, Rob reintroduced wife carrying to the UK in 2008 - some say, after an absence of nearly 900 years from these shores.

Rich Blake Smith won this year’s race carrying his ‘wife’ Anna and narrowly beating Vytautas Kirkliauskas of Lithuania and his actual wife Neringa Kirliauskiene.

All the participants received a mini-keg of ale from the Pilgrim Brewery in Reigate, while the winners won a barrel of ale and £250 toward competing at the World Wife Carrying Championships in Finland in July.

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