Knutsford: Small town, big community spirit

King Street

King Street - Credit: Archant

It’s the resilience of the community that has kept the popular town of Knutsford thriving

The Italian Garden at Tatton Park

The Italian Garden at Tatton Park - Credit: Joe Wainwright Photography

2020 will definitely be a year that goes down in the history books, and it would be so easy to list all the things that the year took from us, but we have already spent enough time on that negativity. Instead, let’s focus on the positives that the year has taught us and brought out in every one of us. In particular, the sense of community that has come out in most Cheshire towns, including Knutsford. Known for its stunning interiors boutiques, quaint cobbled streets, and its trendy dining scene, Knutsford has also shown how much its residents value the place they live and and their community spirit has kept the town and its high street flourishing.

‘2020 showed what a resilient community Knutsford has. Like all towns, it hasn’t been easy, but the things we put in place last March enable us to respond quickly to any breaking news, plus they will still be relevant when ‘normal service’ resumes,’ Sandra Curties, from Knutsford Town Council, says. ‘We have online services such as Knutsford Virtual High Street, and Knutsford Hub, which enable residents to know which shops offer click and collect or online sales. That helps keep our high street up and running. In November, we launched the Knutsford Voucher, which is redeemable in 52 local independents and valid for a year, to keep everyone spending locally. It is little steps compared to the online giants, but it helps in keeping the local economy alive.’

One business that is showcasing that local support is in full swing is Cheshire Quality. Opening just before the first lockdown, partners John-Paul Jeffs and Samuel George Jeffs are passionate about the local artisan scene and wanted to create a way to put local artisan producers, and their handmade products, in front of a range of new potential customers. They specifically only showcase Cheshire-based artisans, and everything from candles to cheese, to honey and jewellery, can be found here.

‘If there is one positive to come out of this, it is that people are rediscovering their love for all things local. That is something we don’t want to stop,’ Sandra continues. ‘We have a whole range of ideas to support the town, both during the lockdown and when we emerge from the pandemic. We set up a charity; We Are Knutsford, in response to the crisis. It works to ensure the vulnerable in Knutsford are looked after, and we also organised some added fun, such as the Santa Float. It’s important people still find ways to smile.’

Tatton Park is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll

Tatton Park is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll - Credit: Ross Miller

Knutsford has a great reputation for hosting incredible events; everything from the RHS Flower Show to Foodies Festival, which always has an impressive turnout. And we’re crossing everything, that they make a welcome return this year. The town also makes sure to host local events; the Bunny Hop, Halloween’s Pumpkin Path and the Christmas markets to name a few, all to promote community and support those who call Knutsford home.

When the world eventually rights itself, and we can enjoy the social aspect of eating out in a restaurant again, Knutsford has so much to offer. Try tapas at Evuna, visit Piccolino for Italian or The Rose & Crown for fabulous British food, and for those weekends when brunch dates are back on, you have to head to April’s Kitchen. Until then, make sure to check which restaurants are doing local deliveries or collections, so you can still get a taste of restaurant-quality food while supporting your favourite.

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For now, give yourself a treat and grab a coffee from our favourite coffee van, Tatton Perk, which is parked by The Moor every weekend.

We can vouch for Knutsford’s foodie reputation, but the town also has an emerging hub for those who love all things interiors. As well as being home to some of the best kitchen and bathroom designers, you can easily lose yourself amongst the stores, virtually of course. And if now isn’t a good time to redecorate, with all the time spent indoors, when is? For amazing vintage and antique finds, we suggest Arthur Lee or Holly Johnson Antiques; if you’re looking for art and accessories, try Serenity Designs and find incredible original art at Vermilion Galleries.

Tatton Perk

Tatton Perk - Credit: n/a

We’re hoping 2021 will be a much better year, and with these local gems on our doorstep, we are incredibly lucky. And until those brighter days arrive, try and support your local community; whether it’s a coffee at your favourite café, stocking up on your favourite cheese or some art for your home office, it all helps.

We hope RHS Flower Show will make a return this summer

We hope RHS Flower Show will make a return this summer - Credit: Archant