Walk a mile for National Countryside Week

The Prince’s Countryside Fund want you to walk a mile in our beautiful countryside as part of National Countryside Week this month

Taking a walk is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures, and the Prince’s Countryside Fund thinks that walking is as close to free as it gets, as you don’t need fancy shoes, or clothes, or equipment. They say that “the simple act of taking a walk connects us to landscapes, nature, communities and helps us to reflect and appreciate the importance of the countryside.”

During National Countryside Week (13-20 July), they want you to Walk a Country Mile in support of The Prince’s Countryside Fund. National Countryside Week is run by the Fund to raise awareness of the importance of the countryside to the UK. What makes the Fund unique is that it doesn’t support the environment, buildings or wildlife but the people who manage and maintain the countryside. HRH The Prince of Wales recognised the crisis facing our rural communities and as a result set up The Prince’s Countryside Fund to provide support to the multitude of remarkable organisations and individuals working tirelessly to keep farmers farming and our rural communities alive.

As part of Walk a Country Mile The Prince’s Countryside Fund is asking businesses, community groups, villages, families and individuals to walk together in order to consider, appreciate and celebrate the countryside. Taking a short walk is not only fun but will make us mindful of the importance of the countryside, and give us pause to consider how we support those who work to conserve it.

HRH The Prince of Wales says of the initiative: “The British countryside is the unacknowledged backbone of our national identity. It is as precious as any of our great cathedrals and we erode it at our peril.”

Walking is simple and easy – you could go for a walk in your local park or visit your nearest National Park. You could take a walk around your local village or head to the hills and explore some of our amazing natural scenery. Ideally you will get a small group together and download one of the Funds online maps so that you can explore your local countryside. A country mile can be any distance (despite the name!) so if you only make it to the local village pub or undertake a 12 mile hike, everyone can achieve something.

To register your support for the campaign and make a suggested £3 donation please visit www.princescountrysidefund.org.uk. Once you have signed up you will you receive an email with maps, ideas, tips and suggestions, plus information on where your donation will go and who the Fund are helping.

Take a #WALKIE

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To maximise awareness on social media for the campaign, the Fund are asking people taking part in the campaign to take a WALKIE (a photograph of yourself walking) – their Countryside version of a “selfie” to raise the profile of the campaign.

What else is happening?

If you would prefer to join an existing walk and see some of the great work being supported by the charity then join one of their Project Walks. Held across the UK a number of the organisations and charities supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund are holding a series of sponsored walks throughout National Countryside Week. Please see further details at www.princescountrysidefund.org.uk

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