Why Spinningfields is now Manchester’s place to be

Spinningfields, Manchester

Spinningfields, Manchester - Credit: Archant

Dining and shopping in the heart of Manchester

Once the brutalist behemoth that was Manchester’s media and legal quarter, Spinningfields is now an area created for the pleasure of leisure.

There’s even a Hardman Boulevard here now which tells the newcomer just how far we’ve travelled. Inner city Manchester has given way to a Parisian fantasy of sorts, all outdoor seating and glamorous young people lazing in deckchairs outside the Lawn Club watching Wimbledon on the big screen.

Don’t knock it. Spinningfields is rapidly becoming the place to eat and meet. It started life as a shopping paradise but in an almost organic way it’s the revellery side that seems to have taken over. That doesn’t mean there aren’t shops here. There are: lovely posh ones such as the Mulberry standalone store, a beautiful better-than-Bond Street Armani, Oliver Sweeney and the designer emporium Flannels. It’s just that the wining and dining establishments are plentiful.

Fabulous recent arrivals include Fazenda, Iberica, Scene, Tattu, The Kitchens and Thaikun while The Alchemist has been transformed from a cocktail bar to a full-on wining and dining experience.

The area attracts a well-heeled, well-dressed crowd and exhibits an air of metropolitan chic, that makes Manchester’s aspirations to be a little more like London, seem very much a reality.

This is where to find top chef Aiden Byrne cooking up exciting food at Manchester House alongside fledgling businesses that make up The Kitchens - an innovative dining concept providing a space for up-and-coming businesses to showcase the best of the region’s casual dining scene.

Six start-up street food and pop-up traders have battled out over the past year for their very own bricks and mortar on the Spinningfields estate, designing their own space, building their brand and developing their menus. Their concepts have come to life at the Kitchens venue.

Everything about Spinningfields is new and rather thrilling. If you haven’t paid a visit for some time, head over this summer while the sun shines, enjoy an al fresco cocktail at the Lawn Club then hit one of the great restaurants and find out just what everyone is raving about.

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Tomas Maunier, partner at Fazenda

Why Spinningfields?

We were approached by Tushingham Moore when we opened Liverpool as they thought we could bring something different to the area and when we came and looked we realised it was the right place to come.

We knew we were coming to an area that was booming and what we offer is good quality which is what the people of Spinningfields look for in a restaurant.

What I love about Spinningfields

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that having a lot of restaurants in one area creates competition - but the reason why this works is that food creates ambience. Food is about social life. it’s about sharing, enjoying having fun. When people go shopping - you go shopping alone but when you go dining and drinking you bring life to an area.

My favourite places

I really like Australasia and I enjoy going to Manchester House. They both have a great atmosphere.

Ciaran Hogg, general manager at Manchester House

Why Spinningfields?

I moved here from London five and a half years ago, when I started working as Assistant General Manager at Australasia.

What I love about Spinningfields

In the five and a half years I’ve been here I have seen many changes. When I first arrived there was lots of construction, they were creating the Left Bank but there wasn’t much retail or leisure but since then, I’ve seen all sorts of things opening - more offices, shops, pop-ups. The place has become more and more popular throughout the years an d it is a great place to work as well as hang out.

My Favourite places

My favourite places are definitely Australasia, Pacific and I really like the new Alchemist. And we’ve got The Kitchens which has all these different offerings.

Down by the river there’s The Dockyard and the new gourmet burger place they’re a bit of a well-kept secret as you can sit down there on the waterfront but not many people seem to know about them.

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