Photography focus: 5 stunning Yorkshire Dales landscapes

Pen-y-ghent in winter

Pen-y-ghent in winter - Credit: Archant

Yorkshire Dales landscapes through the seasons

Towards Winskill Farm, Settle, Yorkshire Dales

Towards Winskill Farm, Settle, Yorkshire Dales - Credit: Archant

Steve Finch’s gallery of Yorkshire Dales photography covers a lifetime of landscapes that he has lived and worked among.

He has been a business owner, marketeer, climber and adventurer – and as a caver and mountaineer he also was part of a cave and mountain rescue team.

‘I measured success by quality of life rather than money in the bank’, says Steve, who lives in Giggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales.

He has set up GalleryNorth to showcase his landscape photography and skills at woodturning, a craft he observed working alongside boat builders in a marina in the Lake District and then developed alongside a furniture restoration business.

Ribblehead Viaduct at sunset

Ribblehead Viaduct at sunset - Credit: Archant

His wood turned pieces are crafted from wood foraged in the Dales which he turns into decorative and household pieces, each with their own character.

After the foot and mouth crisis, Steve began a two-year period working with Yorkshire Forward and local businesses to promote the area.

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‘The Dales landscape is in part formed by the changing business and industrial landscape and needs a prosperous local business base which values investment into home and communities while protecting the natural landscape,’ he says.

Today Steve is returning to his lathe and his camera for GalleryNorth. The places he is inspired by are clear from his photography; the majesty of the Dales throughout the seasons; from moody winter skies to spectacular sunsets, sunrises and powerful peaks.

Pen-y-ghent summit

Pen-y-ghent summit - Credit: Archant

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