St Philips Care Group studio apartments: Where care meets independence

The exterior of St Philips' The Grange Care Centre in Selby, Yorkshire.

The exterior of The Grange Care Centre. - Credit: St Philips Care Group

Choosing the right care solution for a parent or loved one can be a confusing and emotional time. St Philips Care Group offer support and care to the older generation as they approach later life with studio care apartments at The Grange Care Centre in Selby.

Lizzie Hopkinson, Head of Marketing at St Philips speaks to us about what to consider when choosing care, and why their studio care apartments could be the ideal solution.

The foyer at St Philips' The Grange Care Centre in Selby, Yorkshire.

The foyer at The Grange Care Centre. “At St Philips, we deliver care with kindness and compassion. Our spacious studio care apartments create a space where independence and care can meet,” says Paul Farmer, CEO of St Philips Care Group. - Credit: St Philips Care Group

Q: What advice would you offer to those looking at care solutions for their elderly relatives? 

It’s important to consider the transition into care as much as the care solution itself. Many people fear a loss of independence when moving into care, so it’s crucial to establish comfort and reassurance for both them and their families to ensure a smooth transition. 

I’d highly recommend visiting the care establishment to make sure it’s right for the individual. Our home manager and staff are highly experienced with transferring individuals into care. We offer respite stays, dinner visits and day care, all aimed at providing an insight into life at St Philips to inform their decision. 

Advice and support are available for initiating difficult conversations with elderly relatives about their move into care. The more we can do to help, the better chance of settling into the environment. We're offering virtual tours during Covid-19, so you can still look around while remaining safe. 

The living room at St Philips' The Grange Care Centre in Selby, Yorkshire.

The living room area at The Grange Care Centre. - Credit: St Philips Care Group

Q: How do you accommodate for the changing needs of the elderly through the studio care apartments? 

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Our studio care apartments are part of The Grange Care Centre and are registered care beds, rather than being for sale. In the same way an individual pays to live within a residential care home, the apartments come with a monthly fee and the support of 24-hour care. 

Their flexibility caters for the changing conditions of our residents - as we grow older, our needs change. A problem many elderly individuals encounter after selling their home and moving into sheltered accommodation, is having to move again when their needs increase. Many care solutions are fixed, so only work when the needs don’t alter. Our studio care apartments substantially eradicate that problem, providing all the benefits of a residential care home combined with independent living.

Q: What can a resident expect from a studio care apartment? 

Our self-contained studio apartments, furnished with en-suites and larger one’s with kitchenettes, cater for each resident’s relative independence. They boast the luxury of space compared to a standard care home room, with areas for armchairs and tables to host guests and pursue hobbies or activities. Residents are also entitled to the traditional offerings of a care home on-site such as home cooked meals, laundry and personal care. 

We provide regulated care to accommodate for changing needs through person-centred digital software - our online technology monitors the care we provide, ensuring all residents are correctly looked after. Our hand-held care devices simplify the tracking of each resident’s care, tailoring the support around their needs.

The dining room at St Philips' The Grange Care Centre in Selby, Yorkshire.

The dining room at The Grange Care Centre. - Credit: St Philips Care Group

Q: In a time where the care industry is struggling, how has St Philips managed to come out stronger? 

St Philips is a family-run care group, so our homes support each other. They haven't felt as isolated as they could have done during these challenging times, and the families of our residents have been reassured that their loved ones are in safe hands. Our strength lies with our compassionate and dedicated care staff, providing care with kindness and empathy every day. 

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