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Green Cowden, Bakewell

Green Cowden, Bakewell - Credit: Archant

Times are changing. The recent pandemic has seen an increase in people wanting to move to the country and particularly to Derbyshire. Who can blame them?

Rivington, Bakewell

Rivington, Bakewell - Credit: Archant

Bagshaws LLP, a traditional firm of Chartered Surveyors and Auctioneers, will be celebrating their 150th anniversary in 2021 and are looking forward to the next 150 years. During the unprecedented times over the past few months, the Partners have considered the impact of Covid-19 and how it will undoubtedly result in huge changes in which traditional businesses operate. With this in mind, Bagshaws are reinforcing their presence in the rural property scene to concentrate solely on rural properties whether farms, land, equestrian properties or rural houses. Bagshaws differentiate from other agents in that we can offer associated advice on; planning, farming, livestock, machinery and woodland management all considerations when selling your property. We can help you understand the latest changes to regulations that impact the selling or letting of your property, including boundary disputes, easements, stewardship agreements, entitlements and we provide accurate mapping. We are also able to identify any development possibilities and in turn can maximise that value for you. To make the process easier and personal, you will have an individual to talk to and guide you through all aspects of your property’s sale or management, we can advise on rural matters that concern you and potential purchasers. We are specialist Chartered Surveyors who sell and manage this specific type of property – we are rural land agents not high street estate agents and this is demonstrated by our time proven commitment to a personal and professional service.

Penniment House Farm, Mansfield

Penniment House Farm, Mansfield - Credit: Archant

In our fictional world Mrs. Diggins for example, had a small farm to sell in the Peak District. Milking her 30 cows had become too much for her, and at the age of 84 she decided to retire and take a part time job as a bus driver in Derby. Bagshaws were instructed to sell the livestock at one of our markets, hold a dispersal sale on the farm for the machinery and then to sell the farm. In addition, a single building plot was identified and sold, that unexpected bonus was enough for her to purchase her new bus. Whilst selling the farm, unfortunately, but is often the case, Bagshaws discovered that Mrs Diggins did not own the access track to the farm and potential purchasers were put off. The neighbour who owned the track, Mr. Bolsover, was a difficult and aggressive man so with great diplomacy and understanding Bagshaws sorted out the necessary legal issues to provide a satisfactory resolution enabling the sale to proceed. At the last minute, the purchasers questioned the status of the septic tank and its compliance with the latest regulations. Although we shall not disclose the contents of the investigation, should any readers be breakfasting as they read this article, Bagshaws dealt with the matter to everyone’s delight.

Hillside Cottage, North Wingfield

Hillside Cottage, North Wingfield - Credit: Archant

We can deal with all of the above matters because we have the breadth of experience across the firm which is handled by a friendly, professional and well established team of professionals. Bagshaws LLP are the longest established company of Chartered Surveyors serving rural property owners and farmers throughout the district of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and adjoining counties. Let us assist you.

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Hazelhurst Farm, Sheffield

Hazelhurst Farm, Sheffield - Credit: Archant

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