Finding your dream home in Hampshire

Want to find your dream home in Hampshire? Then help is at hand thanks to the experts at Recoco Property Search

Are you seeking to buy your dream home in Hampshire? Are you longing to enjoy the countryside, amenities, eateries, pubs and quality of life in this idyllic part of the world.

And yet… are you struggling to make the dream come true? It might be your busy, demanding lifestyle not allowing you the time to commit to find that home. You could be frustrated by the lack of appropriate properties on the open market. Or you need some expert, professional guidance on where is the best place for your own, unique circumstances.

Enter Recoco Property Search. This well respected business has been operating successfully for 20 years, providing a highly personal property finding and buying service.

The team at Recoco defines a property search agent as: 'someone dedicated to representing your best property and life interests, who helps you make better buying decisions, and who works as an intermediary throughout the whole buying process - from the beginning of the search to final contractual arrangements and purchase.

Recoco was established by Nigel Bishop, and now has a team of seven experienced Property Search Agents covering the whole of the south of England, including London. The team's expertise covers properties in the London, Country and Waterside sectors.

Jeremy Campbell-Harris is Recoco's Property Search Agent for Hampshire, using his expert knowledge and insight to help people find that elusive dream property, in the right location and at the right price. Jeremy formerly headed up the Country House Department for a national firm of estate agents and has worked in the Country House market for over 30 years.

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Here, Jeremy gives an idea of some of the benefits of instructing a Property Search Agent:

1. Save yourself time and money with fewer wasted and fruitless journeys. If you do not live locally, having someone on the ground can save you a great deal of time, money and energy.

2. Local knowledge. Buying in an unfamiliar location can be a minefield. We offer inside knowledge so you make the best purchase choice and have the right team to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.

3. The best properties sell fast in almost any market. Let us help you make the distinction on what are the best properties available and achieve the right price for you.

4. Experienced, objective negotiations. The negotiation stage is key. It's invaluable having an objective, detached expert handling your negotiations for you. An impartial and experienced negotiator can make a significant difference to the final purchase price you pay. We are the objective voice of guidance at a potentially stressful time.

5. Off market properties. We have the right contacts to put you in touch with properties that are not yet advertised for sale or are not openly on the market for sale. Without a buying agent, you may miss out on these opportunities. This scenario has never been more true than during the present economic climate.

To find out more about how Recoco can help you with your property search, call Jeremy on 07721 768401 or email him on For details on Recoco's services across the south of England visit

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