Garrington Property Finders: Hoping to move in 2021?


Over the coming months, there is expected to be pent-up demand from buyers who have been unsuccessful so far in 2021 - Credit: 2019 underdog_cg/Shutterstock

Local property finder Jonathan Hopper from Garrington discusses why September and October are important months for anyone thinking of moving before the end of the year

The summer holiday period can provide the ideal time to escape the pressures of day-to-day life, relax and provide quality time to reflect and consider priorities for the months ahead. For some people, this can lead to cementing plans to move home.

Finding a home this autumn

While there will likely be an uplift in supply to the market over the coming months, there is also expected to be pent-up demand from buyers who have been unsuccessful so far in 2021. Buyers who wish to secure a home this autumn are advised to be decisive in their actions and have everything in place to proceed swiftly when the ideal property becomes available.

Those buyers who previously had a small search area and were unsuccessful might now recognise they had been too restrictive and return to the market casting a wider net. House hunters should also consider properties that have been on the market for a long time as it doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the property, and could present you with an opportunity to buy at a good figure. Similarly, properties that return to the market shouldn’t be prematurely discounted.

Achievable timescales?

Family buyers will typically wish to move around school holiday times and for other purchasers moving by the end of the year becomes somewhat of a psychological deadline to hit. Once the ideal home has been found, it is important to act both quickly and prudently.

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Despite advances in technologies to speed up the process of moving home, it can still take months to progress from your offer being accepted to picking up the keys. For this reason, September and October are crucial months, if you are steadfast on moving by the year end, to allow sufficient time for the legal process to go through.

A property finder can provide guidance and assurance when navigating a local property market under relative time pressure. Their professional advice allows buyers to make well-informed decisions not only when securing a home but during the process of buying through to its conclusion.

Finally, a word of caution

While the prospect of being settled into a new home ready for Christmas is a powerful motive, it is important to balance the short-term gain with long-term reality. Cutting corners or making rash compromises in a rush to meet a festive deadline can be a serious act of folly, which may lead to homeowners repenting for years to come. As always, it is essential to hire the best solicitor you can secure and ensure that it is someone who will provide you with balanced and personalised advice. Sometimes, it is wise to miss an emotive deadline by a few weeks to ensure that the diligence is completed thoroughly, and any loose ends are addressed properly – a home is not just for Christmas!

If you are looking to buy a property and would value professional advice on the local market and to explore the opportunities that exist, Garrington offers a commitment-free discussion with one of their team.