Garrington Property Finders: Do I need a property finder?

A large, modern house with a balcony at the end of a gravel driveway

In a fiercely competitive market, where there is an acute lack of stock, Garrington can offer a competitive advantage for its clients against other buyers - Credit: Archant

Garrington property finder Jonathan Hopper shares some of the questions frequently asked by buyers to find out how Garrington can help them purchase their next home in a fast-moving, competitive market

What does a property finder do?

We act exclusively on behalf of property purchasers sourcing and pre-viewing homes, negotiating the best possible price and then nurturing the purchase and due diligence process through to completion.

What can you do that I am unable to do myself?

Our sole focus is to help clients find their perfect property, then acquire it at the best possible price and ensure that the transaction goes through as smoothly as possible. In a fiercely competitive market, where there is an acute lack of stock, Garrington can offer a competitive advantage for its clients against other buyers. Professional representation frequently enables priority access to opportunities, and off-market houses may be uncovered due to the long-standing relationships between Garrington’s consultants and their local property network. Being immersed in the UK property market means no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect property.

Sounds promising, but still, why should I pay a fee?

Most of our clients see our fees as an investment rather than a cost. As a client, you will benefit from working with someone truly independent who is on your side and spends time properly understanding your full requirements. Our advice is objective, takes market conditions into account, considers your priorities, and advises what can realistically be achieved – both in terms of property prices and timescales.

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In a fast-moving and competitive market, having the knowledge and experience that a local professional buying agent offers allows a buyer to be decisive under pressure and can avoid the potential pitfalls of buying in a market that can sometimes feel frenzied.

How do we find out about properties that seem to sell without being advertised?

Off-market properties are homes that are sold away from the public eye with no advertising (certainly not on web portals) or publicity. To hear about these properties, you need to be very well connected or willing to actively approach homeowners to gauge if there is an appetite to sell.

Sourcing and negotiating this type of property is a specialist skill, so it is best to get expert advice from a property professional. While this method of sourcing property is not guaranteed to always yield results, Garrington regularly unearths exciting opportunities in this way.

What difference does a property finder make for clients moving home?

Garrington has recently helped a client move from an urban setting – they were seeking more space and a great work/life balance now that their job allows greater flexibility. Not being familiar with the area and unable to be in constant contact with local agents, they had missed out on several properties that would have suited them well.

Having looked tentatively at homes for several months they had become disconcerted by the lack of choice and the advice from local selling agents, fearing they might have to rent in the interim. Being conscious of timing due to planning for moving schools and needing a location that would suit an occasional commute, the client was concerned about exactly where to buy and securing a property within the desired time frame.

We made a critical difference by offering advice on locations, focusing the search area, and then actively pursuing suitable homes to buy. Due to our local contacts, we were able to access homes to view that were not yet on the open market, and then secured the chosen property pre-market before competition from other buyers arose.

If you are considering your property options and would like more information about how to better navigate your local property market, contact Garrington Property Finders to arrange a no-obligation discussion.