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A home for sale from Jennie Platt Hale office

A home for sale from Jennie Platt Hale office - Credit: Archant

Jennie Platt has chosen Hale as the location for her third estate agency; one that is to serve all of Cheshire, as she brings something wholly new to the area with her business partner and property specialist, Amelia Harris-Lindsay.

Jennie Platt. Photo: BBC Two, Manctopia.

Jennie Platt. Photo: BBC Two, Manctopia. - Credit: Archant

Jennie established her first agency in Manchester city centre, in 2008, during the global credit crunch For Jennie, this was an opportunity to kickstart the high-end rentals market in the city centre, creating a new level of demand. “In the circumstances we formed a niche in high-end rentals in the city market, one that wasn’t there before, and was about creating landlords from property owners unable to sell, but wanting to move on from the city to be able to fulfil the next chapter of their lives, and matching them with newcomers to the city looking for luxury living.” Jennie soon established herself as the ‘go-to’ agent in the city centre and, as such, featured in last summer’s BBC TV property series, Manctopia.

It is this exacting, modern approach that Jennie applied to opening her first suburban sales and rentals agency in north Manchester, in 2014. By incorporating her own specific local knowledge into the formula that had grown her city centre business so successfully, within three months she was listed in the top three agencies, and as number one within the first year. Employing only experts who also lived in the area, she further honed the service offered to her clients, something she is repeating with her business partner in Hale.

“As with Jennie’s other agencies, we’re a relationship-building business first and foremost”, says Amelia, who is running the Cheshire office, “and through this, we deliver exceptional results. We very deliberately invest in establishing a good rapport and building trust with our clients, while conveying our professional knowledge and property expertise. We apply the same exacting standards of photography and marketing to every property we list as well as our truly client-centric approach.”

Exceptional property marketing remains a key element, as does constant learning about the property market. They have a wide and varied professional network and chat weekly to economists, property solicitors, data analysts and forecasters to help shape the advice they give to clients.

Hale village is the location for Jennie Platt's new offices

Hale village is the location for Jennie Platt's new offices - Credit: Archant

“We have a wealth of property and associated knowledge and experience, so we’re extremely well informed about the housing market, as well as the wider infrastructure around it. We then apply what is relevant from our knowledge pool and tailor it our clients’ needs, giving them information that they can truly use. It is a far more tailored approach, and more helpful to clients as they consider one of the most important decisions they’ll make.”

So how did Jennie and Amelia’s partnership evolve?

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“Amelia and I met when she was expanding her property portfolio from London into the North West,” Jennie says. “She lives in Hale, so has that vital local knowledge, is an astute property negotiator and has a great instinct for investments, so once she expressed a desire to work in property full time, it just evolved organically. As a former BBC TV journalist, she also has an exacting eye for writing property descriptions and directing videography – a perfect complement to my marketing and agency background.

“We support and push each other to be the very best we can be, and we have a huge amount of real-life experience between us, so we handle everyone’s circumstances with immense sensitivity.”

Jennie Platt and Amelia with some of their team Photo John Allen

Jennie Platt and Amelia with some of their team Photo John Allen - Credit: Archant

Selling a home is often a hugely emotional experience and signifies the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. “Whether it’s to move up to your forever home, downsize because of a divorce or a change in circumstances, it’s always a big step,” Amelia says. “Our clients soon see we have complete empathy with what they are going through and have the understanding to work with them, side by side.”

As well as property sales, Jennie Platt operates a property search service, serving clients from across the UK, and responding to a more recent trend of relocations from Hong Kong.

“For these clients, it’s back to our relationship-building experience, because getting a deep understanding of their lifestyle is vital. This is where our in-depth knowledge of not just the market but of the neighbourhood is absolutely vital.”

Jennie Platt has an all-female leadership team who truly understand that the needs of modern families go far beyond offering a 9-5 service.

A beautiful property for sale through Jennie Platt's new Hale office

A beautiful property for sale through Jennie Platt's new Hale office - Credit: Archant

“With varying demands on our clients’ time, we choose to work flexibly as a team, which means people can plan in our visits and viewings around what really works for them, so it’s a win-win.”

Win-win seems to precisely summarise the ethos that underpins everything Jennie Platt Estate Agency is bringing to Hale and surrounding areas.

To find out more, visit:, email: or call 0161 398 0898

Jennie Platt & Amelia Harris Lindsay Photo John Allen

Jennie Platt & Amelia Harris Lindsay Photo John Allen - Credit: Archant

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