The new year is booking up with opportunities for homeowners


HomeAway - Credit: Archant

Here in the last leg of the year, next year’s calendar is filling up fast for holidaymakers. Their dream properties are following suit

Festivals are announcing their summer dates, sports events have started flogging their tickets and touring shows have their plans set.

Holidaymakers' own big life events are already in place with birthdays, baby due dates, weddings and more all bringing families and groups together to create lasting memories.

So it's no surprise that they're hunting well in advance for the perfect accommodation to take their getaways to the next level.


HomeAway - Credit: Archant

In Devon, tickets for Beautiful Days are on sale and Clovelly's Lobster and Crab Feast has already confirmed its upcoming dates.

Add these to the art and folk connoisseurs who already have their eyes fixed on Devon and the county can expect to enjoy another hearty influx of British tourists.

Naturally, Devon property owners are already solidly booking the summer months, whether they're making the shift into the holiday rental industry or greeting holiday letting as old hat.


HomeAway - Credit: Archant

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Every year Devon gets busier and busier, which explains why clued-up holidaymakers are wising up by booking from now.

Savvy homeowners are following the demand, not waiting to get their listings in order.

Get a firm grip on summer bookings

Whether you've carefully crafted gold star accommodation or you're only just starting to think about switching from residential to holiday letting, you'll want to greet the new year with the best head start.


HomeAway - Credit: Archant

Strategic planning is key. If you're a seasoned holiday rental business owner, you know nothing is worse than that last minute panic over any booking gaps in high season.

If you're a landlord looking forward to reaping the tax benefits of a leap into the industry, you want to get your business off on the right foot.

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are doing just that by working with trusted holiday rental industry experts like HomeAway.

Find out how much you could be missing out on with the online earnings calculator.


HomeAway - Credit: Archant

Steer your income

You'll need to stay in control to fully tap into the allure your property's surroundings hold with its access to unforgettable seascapes, woodland, moorland and cultural attractions.

With HomeAway, you decide who stays in your property, when and at what price while they handle the rest of the booking process.

They've been in the game since 1996, longer than any of their competitors and have fine-tuned the holiday booking experience.

Their tools fully equip you to optimise your earnings and cut through the noise. 24-hour customer support is available if you have any concerns.

You can be as hands on or off as you want to be, whether your holiday rental business is established or new.

Don't miss out on 2020's bookings

Devon is revving up for a jam-packed year and clued-up homeowners are keeping an eye on next year's plans. To avoid missing out on the action, it's time for a big push in visibility so that the right people pick your property out from a crowd.

As part of the Expedia group, HomeAway can offer access to over 600 million monthly visits if your property qualifies, while covering you with liability insurance.

Hundreds of thousands of Devon homeowners are gearing up to make the most of the trend to book well in advance by signing up with HomeAway.

With 2020 already buzzing with activity, moving quickly is the only way to avoid getting left behind.

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