Surrey estate agent's property view: Jamie Wheatley for APW Weybridge and Esher

There's never a dull day for APW Weybridge & Esher lettings manager, Jamie Wheatley; just don't mention dishwashers...

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine January 2011

There’s never a dull day for APW Weybridge & Esher lettings manager, Jamie Wheatley; just don’t mention dishwashers...

Are there any key trends you expect to see in 2011?If the sales market continues to be static over the winter and into the spring then we expect to see more unsold houses coming to the rental market, including new homes. This will help to fill the current lack of good quality stock that the market requires. I expect to see more domestic tenants looking to rent for one to two years while the sales market settles down.

What excites you most about the area you work in?I love the international community that come to the area, mainly for the schooling. It is wonderfully diverse and makes my day interesting. Last week, I spent the morning with a VIP from Saudi Arabia who was looking for an executive estate; the next appointment was with an American family looking for a modest modern home. No two clients are the same.

Any bargains to be found in Surrey?Yes, very much so. There has been a trend recently in private purchasers and developers buying up homes on private estates to redevelop. These are looked at as good investment projects while prices are relatively low. These properties are often in good condition and are offered at reasonable rents in prime areas, offering excellent value for money for one to five years while the developer waits for the market to return and land values to rise before looking at redeveloping them.

What is your favourite property related anecdote?A tenant rang up after three months in a property to say that the dishwasher didn’t work. Because the tenant’s English wasn’t 100 per cent, we weren’t sure if we were understanding him correctly, as we knew that there wasn’t a dishwasher in the property that he was in. After a few more phone calls and a few more discussions, we agreed to send someone round to see the non-existent dishwasher to ascertain exactly what the problem was. It turned out that he was putting all his crockery in the oven! 

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