Transform your garden with high quality decorative aggregates

Scottish Cobbles (not to scale)

Scottish Cobbles (not to scale) - Credit: Archant

(Promotional Feature) TC Aggregates explain how their high quality aggregates are only a click away on their e-commerce website

Flamingo (not to scale)

Flamingo (not to scale) - Credit: Archant

At Town & Country Aggregates we have been supplying trade customers with high quality gravel, sand and decorative aggregates for over ten years. Now, with TCAggregates Online — our consumer e-commerce website — private individuals can also buy from us and choose from over 40 high quality products.

Our e-commerce website is both easy to use and secure, which means that our customers buy with complete confidence. When it comes to pricing, our site is unique because all our prices are based on the customer’s delivery address. Customers browsing our site simply enter their postcode and the prices are calculated automatically. As well as unique pricing we are the only company to offer bulk discounts to non-trade customers: the more of a product you buy the cheaper the unit prices become. For those customers not sure which product they want to purchase they can also order samples.

Golden Gravel (not to scale)

Golden Gravel (not to scale) - Credit: Archant

Transform your outdoor world

A dishevelled pathway, a tired drive or redundant areas of a garden can be transformed with gravel and decorative aggregates. With our extensive product range you can create features in your garden, including raised bed or splay areas for children; or you may be looking to control the weeds without having to use weedkiller or spending hours weeding. You can achieve weed-free areas by simply laying decorative aggregates on top of a permeable membrane, which once complete offers a virtually maintenance-free area.

Apricot (not to scale)

Apricot (not to scale) - Credit: Archant

Doing your bit for the environment

The majority of our products are produced here in Derbyshire, where we’re based, which means that you are choosing to source locally and minimising the need for unnecessary transport.

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There are added benefits of using gravel and aggregates for gardens and driveways. As more and more people decide to cover their paths, drives and gardens in block paving, paving slabs or tarmac the pressure on the network of drains and sewers increases because these surfaces don’t allow for water to absorb into the ground. Using gravel and decorative aggregates allows rainwater to pass straight through and soak away in the ground below.

So, whilst you may not wish to mow your lawn or you’re tired of weeding, choosing decorative aggregates is not only visually appealing, but you’re helping to prevent the drains from being overloaded.

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