Why now is the best time to start your construction project

A beautiful Nutshell refurbishment project in the heart of the Sussex countryside

A beautiful Nutshell refurbishment project in the heart of the Sussex countryside - Credit: Archant

With good weather, children off school and extra time off work, most people think that summer is the ideal time to start a construction project. It will probably come as a shock to many to learn that this isn’t the case. Nutshell Construction think so anyway. Summer is in fact, one of your busiest times, and one of our quietest.

A bespoke kitchen in a Sussex home built and fitted by Nutshell

A bespoke kitchen in a Sussex home built and fitted by Nutshell - Credit: Archant

Summer is full of distractions meaning you simply don’t have enough time or attention to give to the construction project at hand. The start of autumn, on the other hand, tends to be quieter, as most of us batten down the hatches for winter.

With the back to school season in full swing, homes tend to be quieter as kids are back at school and adults are back at work. This means less disruption to you; our working day is the same as yours. That means we’ll be gone when you get home, leaving you in peace. In summer, you’ll inevitably want your home to yourself. Something that’s not possible with an ongoing construction project

If you’re finding yourself with an empty home and at a loss for things to do during the day, now could be the perfect time to get stuck into planning or starting a construction project. With less distractions and more time to mull things over, you’ll be sure that the building decisions you make are the right ones. Whilst you’re not preoccupied by the distractions of summer you’ll be able to get your project off the ground with complete confidence and 100% focus.

What’s more, whether it’s a project you’ve been considering for a while, a part of your home that needs a little extra love, or just a moment of inspiration, Nutshell knows that these jobs don’t take as long as you think. An average home refurbishment can take between 4 – 8 months. That means that your home will be summer ready in time for next year’s sunshine so you have one less thing to distract you amidst the buzz of the season.

Now’s the time to start planning a project - when next autumn rolls around, you’ll be ready to go at the push of a button and you’ll have a summer free of builders!

We’re a construction company with a difference, and unlike some, we strive to maintain exceptional client relations at all times. That’s why it’s our number one priority to keep your bespoke project on track, and have a dedicated strategy in place to help you to visualise the final result right from the start. That means no nasty surprises or problems further down the line.

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We also understand that when we start working on your home, we’re entering your living space. We’ll always maintain a professional attitude and aim to make the process as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible. We’ll also take care of hiring all the necessary sub-contractors and the supply of our materials. So, starting a back-to-school construction project won’t mean extra hassle for you; you can just get on with your life and look forward to stunning result.

With an empty house all day, and more time to think about your big construction ideas, there’s no time like the present to start that project, be it a full-scale refurbishment or a smaller bespoke extension, kitchen, bathroom or a set of rooms. Call Nutshell Construction to see what we can do for you. We always welcome a chat about your big ideas. Call us on 01903 217900 or send an email to info@nutshellconstruction.com.


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