Save money, never run out and monitor your heating oil and AGA oil supply with olive Smart Meters

olive Smart Sensor

olive Smart Sensor - Credit: Archant

Simon Wildash, director of olive, highlights how SmartMeters can help oil users Save money, Never run out and manage their oil supply.

Thief at work

Thief at work - Credit: Archant

A revolutionary new service for heating & AGA oil users is launching In Derbyshire this October. ‘olive’ is the new Smart Meter solution that allows oil users to monitor, understand and manage their heating oil through the website and save money!

olive’s Smart Meter technology makes buying oil at the right price, at the right time, easy and also ensures members never run out of oil – delivering real peace of mind. With an olive Smart Sensor attached to the oil tank and olive Smart Hub connected to a broadband connection, olive gives members the power to understand and manage their heating oil usage and energy efficiency.

Save money with olive

Save money with olive - Credit: Archant

Through their online account olive members can see on a PC, tablet or mobile device exactly how much oil they have in their tank and how they are using it. Easy to understand information and charts ensure members can monitor and understand their oil supply and when the time comes with a couple of clicks easily and securely order oil.

Whilst other oil tank measuring devices are available olive lets members monitor their oil use from day one by logging on to their account at and link to the benefits of group purchasing to save money. Members can

• Track oil usage – over time, in litres, £’s

• Monitor the impact of lifestyle changes and weather on heating oil costs

• Be alert – olive can notify when tank levels are getting low or change significantly

• Save fuel & help the environment by making changes to energy use

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A key advantage of olive is that it allows members to group their oil requirements together and thereby get a better price for their heating oil compared to purchasing it themselves directly. Member’s orders are grouped in regular monthly intervals which enable’s olive to negotiate a discounted rate with the oil suppliers, so the cost is less for all. It doesn’t matter if members order 500 or 2000 litres everyone benefits from the same great price.

Limited offer – Smart Meter Savings on Oil

olive is available to buy online at at the special launch price of £89.00 and for a limited time comes with a £10 voucher redeemable against member’s first order of oil. Each olive Smart kit also comes with 60 days membership to the olive Primio club which provides enhanced information and services to its members.

olive member feedback – saving money & managing home oil use

The olive website has been designed to show oil usage as clearly as possible and feedback from members has been very positive.

“A well thought through product that allows for greater visibility of usage, excellent customer service from the team, feel like someone is interested in my needs.”

“An effective solution to the worry surrounding household oil management.”

“I find the service invaluable because I always know exactly how much fuel I have in reserve.”

“Really easy to use, has really helped us monitor our oil usage and saved us money”

Simon Wildash & Paul Miles, Directors of olive said ‘olive was born out of our frustrations as oil users living in Derbyshire. We saw Smart Meter solutions for every other energy type but not oil and wanted to design a system where users can not only understand their oil use but also save money through effectively managing their oil supply as well.’

olive has been piloting across Derbyshire and feedback has already been very positive to the new service. ‘We have been amazed by the interest we have had already in olive – it seems that the combination of having real-time information on oil use and the ability to save money are a real benefit to our members. One has already told us that it has helped them manage their home energy use much more effectively, whilst another has just saved over £40.00 on their latest delivery!’

‘We are very excited about the launch of olive across Derbyshire and look forward to helping all other oil user’s ‘Save money, Never run out and Be alert’ to their oil use.’ concluded Paul & Simon.

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