How a simple parcel trick can bring the magic of Christmas to your home

Parcel on doormat

Parcel on doormat - Credit: not Archant

A Lytham mum is hoping to add festive magic to the night before Christmas, writes Paul Mackenzie

Sarah Bray

Sarah Bray - Credit: Archant

It’s the most magical time of the year – the tree is up, the lights are on, the shops have closed and everything is ready. And the evening of Christmas Eve is even more exciting than ever in one Lytham home.

Brothers Hugo and Jake will be eagerly looking out for a return visit by Santa’s elves who delivered a box of festive gifts to the door of their Lytham home last year. The special package contained Christmas stockings, soft toys, books and tasty treats, as well as reindeer dust and personalised messages from the elves.

The parcel was put together by the elves, with help from the boys’ mum, Sarah Bray, who now hopes to turn the Christmas Eve parcels into a winning business.

‘I realised last year that before I knew it the boys would be older and Christmas would be something very different,’ she said. ‘I wanted to start a family tradition which would make Christmas Eve extra special. That has always been my favourite day because it’s all exciting and you’re all wrapped up indoors before the big day so I thought I would do something a bit special for them.

‘My boys are four and seven and Christmas is so magical for them. They are excited for weeks and weeks before Christmas, wondering what Father Christmas is doing and what they might get.

‘Last Christmas Eve I left the parcel on the doorstep and texted my neighbour who knocked on the door and when the boys went to answer it there was a parcel there for them. They were mesmerised by the thought that they had got a parcel from the North Pole.

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‘They ripped the parcel open and found stockings, mugs, hot chocolate spoons, reindeer dust and soft toys – things I’d found and put together. Afterwards the boys told everyone about it and their friends’ mums all thought it was a good idea.’

She is taking orders for Christmas Eve parcels until December 21 – priced at £34.95 – and Sarah now wants to branch out and create themed parcels to mark other events and occasions. She is working on tooth fairy parcels and is planning to develop birthday boxes, holiday boxes filled with things to keep children entertained on journeys and Valentine boxes, which she will sell through her website,

Sarah, who works as a gift designer, added: ‘I have always been creative and I’ve always loved drawing and making things. I’ve really enjoyed putting these boxes together. My house has been full of boxes, ribbons, tissue paper and buttons for months but it has been good fun. It’s about creating memories and making Christmas that bit more magical.’

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