Interview with The Shadowcaster of Norwich Ghost Walks

Norwich Ghost Walks storyteller, The Man in Black, hands over the role to the Shadowcaster (photo: A

Norwich Ghost Walks storyteller, The Man in Black, hands over the role to the Shadowcaster (photo: Antony Kelly) - Credit: Archant

As Norwich Ghost Walks celebrates 20 spine-tingling years we discover its latest haunts

Why did you want to take over the Ghost Walks?

I was chosen by the Guild of Shadows after The Man In Black put in a good word for me. You do not lightly turn down an offer like this. Destiny was calling.

Where does the name The Shadowcaster come from?

A Shadowcaster is a dark sorcerer who divines the secrets of the universe by drawing from the power of the Shadow Realm.

Is being The Shadowcaster a full time job or do you have less haunting work too?

Being a Shadowcaster is a lifelong commitment. I spend much of my time in deep contemplation, traversing the Shadow Realm. The Norwich Ghost Walks is really just our public outreach programme...

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How many haunted helpers do you have for each walk?

The Silent Hand has been assigned to the massive task of researching your peculiar society for historical and administrative purposes. Without her input, the walks would begin at unpredictable times, in unpredictable places and would consist of information that no-one would understand. The other occasion The Guild of Shadows provides us with reinforcements is for our Halloween Specials, and believe me, they are sending some very strange characters...

What will you be doing for Halloween?

I will be guiding the public through the Cow Tower Park where a number of peculiar cases, testimonies and tales from the region will be presented to them in the form of miniature playlets.

How does the Halloween event differ from the regular walks?

On the regular walks we aim to inform as opposed to scare but at Halloween we feel it is important that people experience a little fear. And rather than strolling about the city it is a contained event. Expect strange characters, good humour, scares and a healthy dose of audience participation.

What are your favourite Norfolk ghost stories?

Sometimes after the walks, people share personal experiences of the paranormal, and often it is these accounts that strike me the most deeply. My favourite stories to tell are the ones where the Silent Hand brings me historical accounts that confirm our suspicions about the nature of a haunting. The ghost of Martha Alden was reported to have terrified prisoners in the Castle in the mid-1800s. The tragic reality of the events that lead to her death really make this a story worth telling.

The Norwich Ghost Walks start at Norwich’s Adam and Eve pub three nights a week, with different walks on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; £7 and £5; no need to book.

The Halloween event runs from October 28-31. Booking essential; £10 plus booking fee.

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