3 steps to health according to a nutritionist and personal trainer

Here are three tips to stay healthy (Photo: Julia_Sudnitskaya)

Here are three tips to stay healthy (Photo: Julia_Sudnitskaya) - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Nick Lower, personal trainer and nutritionist at re:bourne fitness in Stanstead Abbotts, says simplicity, preparation and consistency are the keys to good health

In the fitness industry, we are guilty of over-complicating things with both exercise and nutrition. There are just three key components that I use in training and nutrition programmes for all my clients whatever their goals are – simplicity, preparation and consistency.

1. Simplicity

Any exercise or nutrition plan is only a good one if you stick to it. Keep it simple and start with basic habits – eat slowly and stop when you feel satisfied, eat lean protein and vegetables with each meal, have the majority of your starchy carbohydrate post-exercise with the remainder from cruciferous veg and fruits. Get moving! Do something every day and include strength training, cardio and some flexibility work.

2. Preparation

If you don’t prepare, prepare to fail. Get your exercise and nutrition planned for each week and take some time out to prepare food for the coming days. Have healthy snacks near by so you’re not tempted by biscuits and cake at 3pm! Have a large bottle of water at your desk or place of work to track your hydration (aim for two litres per day).

3. Consistency

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If you keep things simple and you prepare correctly, then you just need consistency. I have seen tremendous results when clients do the basics and do them each day. Pick one or two areas to work on, be consistent until it becomes a habit, then move on to the next. This habit-based approach will produce the best results in the long-term.

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