5 steps to a great haircut with ScullyScully salon in Godalming

ScullyScully salon in Godalming

ScullyScully salon in Godalming - Credit: des

“There are no secrets when it comes to a great haircut – you just have to find yourself a great hairdresser!” says leading stylist Simon Smith.

Now based at the ScullyScully salon in Godalming, Simon helped run the Nicky Clarke empire for 14 years, where he oversaw all the hairdressing training for every team member, so he certainly knows his subject! Here, he shares his top tips for a dream haircut…

1. Do your research. Ask your friends – or at least the ones with great hair anyway – to recommend the best stylist they’ve ever had. Also, if you see someone with a particularly lovely hairstyle, don’t be afraid to stop them and ask where they got it done – most people are flattered to be asked and only too happy to tell.

2. Book a consultation with your stylist prior to your appointment. This is an opportunity to discuss your expectations and what can

be achieved. If the salon won’t book a consultation then walk away!

3. Prior to the consultation, collect as many pictures as possible showing haircuts you love, from all angles. Your stylist can use them as a guide and advice on what will suit you and your hair. However, do be realistic – hairdressers may be skilful but they’re not magicians!

4. Ask the right questions: Is my hair type suited to this cut? Will I be able to recreate it easily? How often will I need it cut? What products should I be using?

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5. Happy with what you’ve heard? Then book your appointment. And of course, I would be very happy to see you here at ScullyScully in Godalming for an in-depth complimentary consultation!

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