5 top tips for choosing your wedding suit


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James Palombo share some top tips on choosing the perfect wedding suit

James Palombo

James Palombo - Credit: Archant

TIP 1: Kiss - Keep it simple Stupid (As the old saying goes)

We’ve all looked at our parents wedding photos and winced! In my case my parents were married in the early 70’s when fashions were somewhat different to say the very least. My mother looked absolutely stunning in her classic white dress that matched the radiant smile that every lady has on their big day. My father? Brown corduroy suit, big kipper tie, lapels the width of boats and bell bottom trousers, accompanied by shoulder length hair.

Styles revolve and fashions change, and whilst I do understand (and respect) my father being the height of fashion at that time I would strongly suggest that everyone for one day take a step back from Uber Cool and think more James Bond rather that Jean Paul Gautier.

If you look back through the history of Bond in a suit, you will note that whilst some slight fashion hints creep in here and there in the main he remains very classic.

TIP 2 : Canvassed Not Fused!

Whilst here at James Palombo we only make fully canvassed garments, it’s worth pointing out that many of our clients were completely unaware of canvassing before we met them.

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In the simplest terms there are 2 ways of making a suit: canvassed and fused. Both sit between the jackets cloth and lining, however one is a synthetic, plastic type material which is glued to the back of the cloth and one is made of natural fibres such as goat or horse hair and is tacked around the inside of the jacket and floats freely in the middle.

A canvassed jacket is much lighter, more comfortable and most importantly it breathes. It allows air to get to the body whilst a fused garment is like having a bin liner trapping air in and gradually boiling you!

A wedding is a scary thing (speaking from personal experience) and the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable, hot and agitated. When choosing a wedding suit make sure you spend that bit extra and buy canvassed, you will look far better, feel better and you won’t look like you have blood pressure problems in the photos!

TIP 3: Research Your Look

I see so many people wearing colours that simply do not work for them; for example, if you’re pale skinned with strawberry blonde hair don’t go out and choose a platinum light grey suit!

I suggest blue. Blue is a much warmer colour, it hides bumps we don’t want people to see and if the inevitable should happen later in the evening and a glass of fizz is spilt on you it will hide it much better than any light coloured suit would.

Blue doesn’t always mean navy; I’ve made some lovely mid blues for clients recently and they have looked stunning and without back tracking too much I have made some beautiful mid and darker greys. However, in the main, most people look better in a classic dark or royal blue 3-piece suit.

Get online and look for guys who have your skin tone and see what looks best, of course I always help my clients with this but online research is easy to do and important to get the right shade for your suit.

After all, your wife to be didn’t just say she wants a “white dress” did she, she’s planned her dress since the day she decided you were worth hanging onto and it’s only courteous that you spend one evening (with the TV still on of course) making sure that you can look half as good as her.

TIP 4: A Change At Halftime

This tip was actually given to me before my big day and I have passed it on to every one of my clients since, generally with much appreciation.

Most weddings start as romantic, beautiful, picturesque occasions with pretty bridesmaids, family all looking resplendent and flowers everywhere. However, most weddings I have attended do not end up that way!

By 10pm most guests are suitably inebriated, getting braver and messier and that’s when accidents happen..!

Now you might never want to wear the suit again in which case you can ignore this tip, let your hair down and let the suit get trashed, however, more is the case that we are asked to make a garment that can be reused for work or other special occasions in the future.

My tip is to have a change at half time, generally once the speeches are done or after the first dance. I would advise you slip into something a little more robust or casual for the evening’s entertainment. Cotton trousers and a simple sports jacket or blazer give an extra sense of a man who knows class. If you can incorporate a quick shower whilst changing you will feel a lot fresher and keener for the ongoing evening, ridding yourself of the nervous beading from earlier really does give you a second wind and fortifies you for what’s to come.

TIP 5: Timing

The only thing that should be late is the bride.

All too often I’m asked to make wedding suits 4 or 5 weeks before the big day and whilst it is doable please give yourself (and your tailor) peace of mind and make sure to plan ahead.

Weddings are stressful enough without the worry of any of the key elements not turning up so I would suggest that you meet your tailor, consult on what you want and get your suit underway at least 3 months before the date. If it’s hanging in the wardrobe for a month then it’s one less thing that you need worry about.

If you are one our clients I will always call and ask you to try the suit on a fortnight before anyway and if you have lost some weight (or gained) then I would always pop round and adjust it so it’s perfect.


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