ACCOR Plasma Pen: The new anti-ageing alternative to surgery

Lower lid lift by ACCOR

Lower lid lift by ACCOR - Credit: Archant

We’re always looking for ways to reverse the signs of ageing, and ways to keep our skin looking fresh and youthful, and the ACCOR Plasma Pen is the new treatment promising to deliver these results. Sue French at French Complexion in Hadleigh answers your questions...

Throat lift by ACCOR

Throat lift by ACCOR - Credit: Archant

What is ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment?

Designed to target specific problem areas, the ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment is rapidly becoming a popular go-to for an alternative to facelifts or other forms of cosmetic surgery. The plasma pen emits a small electrical arc without touching the skin and vaporises the area of the skin you’re worried about. The treatment leaves behind a small scab that drops off over time, and promotes collagen to that area, revealing smoother and tighter skin.

Will Plasma Pen treatment work for me?

As well as providing anti-ageing treatments for the face including lifting eyes, jaws and wrinkles on the neck, this low frequency treatment can also offer solutions for tightening up other parts of the body. All in all, offering clients younger, more radiant-looking skin.

The procedure has also proved effective on scars, skin tags, stretch marks, skin pigmentation and small tattoo removal.

Lower Soft Facelift by ACCOR

Lower Soft Facelift by ACCOR - Credit: Archant

What does the treatment entail?

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As you would for most treatments, you will need to have a consultation before having the ACCOR Plasma Pen. A numbing cream will be applied and a patch test will be given as a precaution. Once you’ve talked through treatments with your consultant, and decided together that ACCOR is the most suitable treatment for you, you can be booked in.

The French Complexion is the first, and currently the only, beauty salon and spa to offer the ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment in Suffolk, and Sue French is already noticing an interest from her clients, especially from those hoping for rejuvenated skin in the run-up to Christmas. Sue comments, “It’s truly remarkable (how this treatment) can ease lines away.” Sue adds that at French Complexion, clients are never obliged to have the treatment following the consultation and money paid for that initial meeting will be reimbursed from the treatment if you do go for it.

As this procedure ensures permanent results it does depend on each person how many treatments you may need and what results you would like to achieve. Some may need only one, however, as the total effect will not be established until three month after the initial treatment, some clients may need a further one or two more treatments this always depends on the results achieved.

Sue French, French Complexion

Sue French, French Complexion - Credit: Archant

Why should I opt for this treatment over surgery? And is it safe?

The ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment is being celebrated for the results it can achieve without having to have surgery. The treatment is non-invasive, completely safe and a lot more affordable than surgery, botox and fillers.


French Complexion salon and spa has been in its position on Queen Street, Hadleigh for eleven years, and before that spent twelve years on Maiden Way in the town. With nearly 30 years experience as a beauty therapist, and during that time running a clinic alongside a leading cosmetic surgeon, Sue French has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise – and in turn, a loyal following.

As well as the ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment, French Complexion offers a wide range of beauty, and anti-ageing, treatments and services to ensure their clients leave feeling rejuvenated from head to toe.

From C.A.C.I, the non-invasive, aesthetic facial treatment and Oxyjet, the needle-less oxygen treatment that achieves younger, fresher looking skin, the Suffolk spa and salon offers a number of non-surgical, anti-ageing procedures. There’s also Rejuvalight Red Light therapy, an anti-ageing and treatment which repairs skin cells and stimulates collagen. It’s proved very successful in treating thinning and bald patches. There are also a number of treatments available for the body from aromatherapy and massage to hair removal, including the innovative IPL treatment which works on all hair colour and types, permanently removing unwanted hair without causing pain.

French Complexion offer free parking to their clients, and will open for appointments after closing time for those who aren’t able to visit during work hours.

To find out more about ACCOR Plasma Pen treatment or any of the beauty treatments at French Complexion, visit the website or call 01473 828 805.

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