Advertising feature - The latest summer beauty treatments

Hale-based, re-enhance's Martin Kinsella explains which of the latest treatment will help you to look your summer best

Could this be the start of the long hot summer? The forecast is looking good, so now is the time when we'll be baring more flesh than ever. That's great news for those with perfect bods but what about the rest of us who might be a bit less happy with our appearance?

Shape upFor many years women and men have been using aesthetic treatments to counter the signs of ageing and replace lost volume in the face but now there's a body shaping product called Microlane� that can naturally regenerate the body's contours. It's an innovative product that can be used for everything from breast enhancement to improving the shape of areas such as the buttocks and calves. To help with body shape there's also laser lypolosis which removes fatty deposits helping achieve the desired silhouette.

Smooth operatorsBeing hairy in all the wrong places can make those of both sexes feel really self-conscious. The problem isn't exactly hairiness, as we are all covered with hairs; it's just that some of us have coarser more visible hair than others. At re enhance the problem is solved thanks to the gold standard in hair removal technology. The Lightsheer Diode laser is a really advanced treatment that really works, according to Dr Kinsella. Not only is it said to get rid of unwanted hair but it does so permanently, as hairs in the active phase of growth are destroyed via  pulse of laser energy selectively targeting the pigmentation in the hair, without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Skin-tasticIt is estimated that up to 80% of women over 20 years of age have cellulite and most hate revealing the pitted orange-peel look in shorts and swimwear. At re enhance, the answer is the first medical device FDA cleared for cellulite treatment. VelaSmooth� used on its own or in conjunction with the ThermoCell RF� is a safe, effective and non-invasive alternative to surgery for treating cellulite. It works by using gentle suction-and-massaging action combined with radio frequency and light energies to target and shrink problem fat chambers within the skin and voila! The appearance of cellulite is reduced. It may even have a body shaping effect too.  

Skin can also be rejuvenated via laser treatment and the clinic also does tattoo removal using the most powerful laser in the UK, face contouring and uses 'Pristine' Diamond Tip Micro-Dermabrasion to treat and minimise a wide range of skin conditions.

A Sunny smileIt's one of the first thing people notice is your smile at re enhance it is possible to have a rapid teeth whitening treatment using teeth whitening techniques and laser .About Dr KinsellaDr Kinsella is a fully qualified GMC doctor and has just qualified as a GMD dentist, ensuring clients reeceive  professional treatment at r enhanceFor more information about these and other treatments contact re enhance or call 0800 077 8092/0161 941 3212.

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