Advice on nailing the look from Biosculpture, Radlett

Get vibrant and healthy looking nails to set off your new outfit to perfection. Rene Lipsitz at Bio Sculpture in Radlett, Hertfordshire, on why it's so important to look after your nails

We always look to spring to give us the inspiration to shed our winter-warmers and get into something a bit more colourful and vibrant to match the new season.As the weather warms up, heavy raincoats, thick boots and woolly hats are replaced with lighter wear with more floaty dresses and bright tops. But when changing seasons, don’t neglect your nails.Perfect, beautiful nails and hands say a lot about a person and make a strong statement about presentation. It can be hard however to achieve long-lasting perfect looking nails that quite often we don’t bother.Bio Sculpture, the latest must-have nail care product worn all over the world – and a favourite with celebrities – has recently launched its latest new range of spring colours for 2010. They’ve chosen bright reds, warm pinks and burnt oranges to give your hands that splash of colour to really emphasise the burst of bright, vivid colour that you only see as spring begins to take hold. If you haven’t yet discovered Bio Sculpture, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. Unlike varnish that chips and peels, Bio Sculpture is a durable, finger-friendly gel that is applied in liquid form by a qualified technician. The gel is then cured under UV light to give it that strong, durable, glossy finish.What’s more Bio Sculpture Gel is actually good for your nails. Whilst wearing Bio Gel your own nails will be hydrated, strengthened and cared for underneath. Best of all, Bio Gel looks and feels just like natural nails thanks to its flexible qualities and natural ingredients.In addition to the new 2010 spring colours, Bio Gel is available in over 120 shades so you will always be wonderfully spoilt for choice whatever the season.Biosculpture, Radlett, 0845 331 2347

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