Andrea Black from Little Forest Soap shares her beauty secrets


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As featured in our January 2015 issue

Q. What do you do to relax after a long day at work?

A. To relax, my favourite thing would be to jump into my PJ’s, grab the duvet and my other half and watch a film on our sofa.

Q. What are your most favourite pampering treatments?

A. At home I pop on a good quality face mask or sugar scrub, although I use sugar scrubs so often they’re more of a daily routine now! At a spa I absolutely love the salt-steam rooms, particularly ones infused with essential oils; it’s an incredibly relaxing experience and so good for you!

Q. Do you have a specific make-up look that you prefer?

A. I tend to go for the fairly natural low key look, just a bit of eye liner and mineral based powder for my face, but I do love to dare a bit of red lipstick once in a while!

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Q. What does your daily beauty regime involve?

A. I use a kaolin clay based cleanser for my face twice a day, once pre-makeup and again to take it off in the evening. I love natural face cleansers because they don’t strip the natural oils from my face and leave it soft and glowy instead of dry and feeling tight. I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients and hopefully in 2015 the final version will make its way into the Little Forest Soap range!



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