Anne’s ancient wisdom for...head lice

The key to preventing headlice is a certain type of shampoo

The key to preventing headlice is a certain type of shampoo - Credit: shutterstock

The key to preventing headlice lies in a certain type of shampoo

As young children go back to school in September, they come into close contact with classmates’ hair and therefore the risk of catching head lice. These tiny creatures are extremely irritating, distracting and even upsetting for children.

A good prevention strategy is to use regularly a shampoo and conditioner which contains neem oil or tea tree oil. Both contain chemical constituents that act as insect repellents as well as having anti-inflammatory properties, so not only are lice warded off or killed but an irritated scalp is soothed. There have been a number of trials which have verified the efficacy of these plants as a treatment for killing lice. There is a good tea tree oil brand in supermarkets; alternatively, supplies an extremely effective product too.

It is recommended when using a conditioner that a head lice comb is quickly run through the hair. This offers a belt-and-braces approach to dealing with the issue. Anne Heigham is an Ayurvedic practitioner based at Stevenage Chiropractor Clinic

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