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Main shot - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You betcha, because thanks to the latest local beauty treatments no filters are required discovers Lauren Godfrey

Short, blonde and adrogynous is the way to go

Short, blonde and adrogynous is the way to go - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s July which can only mean one thing... the dreaded holiday snaps captioned #nofilter will soon be littering our Instagram feeds. Ok, so we still tamper with the brightness and warmth to fake a more golden complexion but that’s totally different to slapping a hefty Juno filter over our selfie, right?

Let’s face it, everyone can see through the likes of Gingham smoothing out our imperfections, making filters so 2016. Not convinced? We caught up with some of Essex’s most-loved beauty experts who have spilled all on the latest beauty trends that’ll have you feeling like a walking Reyes, Nashville and Valencia all rolled up in one - no dog ears or flower crowns in sight!

Brows ahnd lashes are as big and bold as ever

Brows ahnd lashes are as big and bold as ever - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The face of beauty

Thought primer was the route to selfie success? Of course it helps create a flawless finish but having a good base without makeup is the true path to complexion perfection. And 2017 has seen an innovative facial that’s designed to do just that.

“The derma roller is amazing for pigmentation, scars, fine lines and wrinkles,” says Georgina Warren, owner of Bare Beautiful in Barking ( “The treatment involves a roller with needles sizing from 0.5cm, 1cm and 1.5cm being rolled over the face in different directions causing the blood to rise to the surface. A numbing cream is applied so you do not feel a thing. Blood promotes natural healing so the more blood that rises to the surface, the quicker the problem skin can heel.

Wedding veil, perfume bottle and a garter

Wedding veil, perfume bottle and a garter - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

After treatment, you must stay out of the sun and when you do it is highly recommended that you wear a high SPF as the skin is very sensitive.” A course of three to six treatments is recommended depending on the skin condition.

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This roller can also be used on the body, with stretch marks a common problem area. “After using the derma roller on one clients’ thighs for three weeks, her stretch marks had virtually gone,” Georgina adds.

The brow factor

We know we’ve been banging on about brows for at least five years but this new treatment is the most natural and hassle-free one to date. Involving a semi-permanent tattoo, you can now have perfect, natural-looking brows in just an hour and a half. “Mircoblading involves using a pen with a small needle at the end. After applying an anaesthetic, the therapist will draw small hair strokes to give the effect of real hairs,” Georgina explains.

Great for those looking to fill out bare brows and thanks to the brilliant colour matching technique this treatment truly is loved by all. “I’ve had young girls coming in wanting to be more confident going make-up free as well as older ladies who have virtually no hairs,” she adds. Please note, a top-up is required six weeks after the initial treatment.

In a lash

Before you roll your eyes and claim that you know all there is to know about the expansive menu of lash treatments, we want to bring Amrik’s Brows and Lashes to the fore. Offering a range of extremely popular treatments, they may not be brand spanking new but they’re still at the top of the lash game and ideal for those wanting to go filter-free this summer.

“Compared to the classic lash extension where you safely attach one lash to the natural lash, Russian Volume Lashes (also known as 2D-8D lashes) breaks through that limitation by having anywhere from two to eight super-fine lashes applied to a single natural eyelash,” explains Amrik Kaur, owner of Amrik’s Brows and Lashes based in Beauty On The Mill in Woodford Green. “These lashes are super-fine and light. In fact, they’re so light that five Volume Lash Extensions put together weighs less than one standard lash extension,” Amrik adds. The treatment works by combining multiple light lash extensions (from two to eight) into a fan which is then carefully attached to the natural lash.

“I have found that everyone who tries Volume Lashes is addicted after the first try,” Amrik concludes.

Acceptable in the 80s

No we’re not suggesting you don a pair of leg warmers and bring back shoulder pads. We’re talking about hair and more importantly how to wear it. Spoiler alert, it’s big!

“Overall this summer we’ll be seeing a revival of the 80s. Expect volume, wild texture with braids and even a comeback of the beloved hairband,” explains Mark Mountney, owner of Zoology and Zoology Colour Lab in Wanstead (

“Short, androgynous cuts will be big news – think Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne – and edgy, short almost grungy styles with lots of straight, sharp lines to compliment defined cheekbones and jaws. For a more natural and understated look we will see long hair with tousled, loose textures, a typical beach style, with women embracing natural tones and subtle butter shades.” So invest in some hairspray, ladies!

Colour chameleon

So you’ve nailed the style but what about the colour? After balayage took over the world for the past two years, what’s hot for 2017? Mark Mountney explains: “In terms of colour trends our blondes will be brighter and whiter, and platinum is big news. With the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Holly Willoughby already showcasing these cool, icy blonde shades it’s only so long until the nation follows suit. It’s worth noting that these shades can be difficult to maintain so my top tip would be to use a toner between your colour appointment to keep the shade fresh and radiant.

“The creative colour trend is still very much en vogue and not just one for the daring. Women – and some men, of all ages – are experimenting with this look. Steel blues, rose blondes and cool violets are going to be popular shades for the upcoming year.” Watch this space!

Toe the line

Ok, ok, you’ve got us with this one. We know we promised the latest beauty treatments for 2017 but you can’t even think about going filter-free without an immaculate mani-pedi combo. Gel colour is here to stay with the likes of Jessica, Shellac and OPI dominating the scene but have you thought about what colours are getting the thumbs up?

“Coral is always a winner when it comes to summer and 2017 is no different,” explains Georgina. “Nudes are still as popular as ever but for holiday nails, you can never go wrong with a blue as stunning as the ocean.” Well there you have it. We’ll race you to the salon…

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