Arm reduction surgery at The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead

Before and after

Before and after - Credit: Archant

Life really will begin at 40 for Beverley Garland after arm reduction surgery at The McIndoe Centre

Before and after

Before and after - Credit: Archant

Beverley, who celebrated her 40th birthday in October, will be able to wear a sleeveless dress for the first time when she goes on holiday after an operation to remove excess skin that was left after she lost ten stone.

Beverley said: “The weight loss meant I was left with excess skin on my arms, chest and legs. The skin on my arms bothered me more than before the weight loss. I’d see people looking at my arms wobbling if I stretched to reach something off a shelf or if I waved at anyone. I found myself hiding my arms to make sure that my tops or cardigans came down to my elbows so no one could see the baggy skin. This was causing me a lot upset and distress so I decided to see if I could have the skin removed.”

After researching online, Beverley found The McIndoe Centre website which she found informative and arranged an appointment with consultant surgeon Anita Hazari.

Beverley said: “The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing. Anita was very open and honest and this has helped with deciding on my next course of surgery that will be a breast lift to remove the excess skin left there.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the results of my operation. I think from the moment I had the surgery, my confidence returned. I’m so proud of my arms and keep showing them off. I can’t wait to go on holiday in October and be able to dress for the weather rather than hiding in a cardigan in 40-degree heat.”

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