Bag a bargain

With this winter's sales expected to be bigger and better than ever, here are some top tips from the experts for happy sales shopping

Top Tips

• Something is only a bargain if you will wear it and love it! If it didn’t fit you at full price it won’t fit you at half price!

• Have a shopping list if you are looking for something specific as it will prevent impulsive purchases which you will never wear.

• The sales are hot work so don’t wear too many layers, it’s hard to rifle through the rails if you’re holding your coat, too.

• Size does matter when shopping in the sales. Don’t compromise on a good fit for a reduced price.

• The key to savvy sales shopping is planning; build on and update your existing wardrobe.

Most Read

• Winter coats are a great buy in the sales and bear in mind in January we normally still have our coldest weather to come.

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