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Be Unlimited Ltd

Be Unlimited Ltd - Credit: Archant

Who we are be unlimited is a new luxury fashion label that makes silk scarves and outfits.

Be Unlimited Ltd, Oxford

Be Unlimited Ltd, Oxford - Credit: Archant

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All of our clothes have been designed to be extremely versatile in terms of how they can be worn and styled.

In particular, be unlimited specializes in adding an artistic twist to some of fashion’s most classic clothing designs including the Little Black Dress and the timeless silk scarf.

Our inspiration

In 2011, our founder Bianca Elgar went to live abroad for 6 months… Amidst all of the rush and excitement she didn’t take many clothes and what clothes she did take were almost all black.

Bianca quickly discovered that in order to add her own style to such a limited wardrobe she really had to stretch what was possible through the playful use of a handful of silk scarves.

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It was really this experience that made her realise how versatile high-quality and colourful silk scarves could be and how much untapped potential they possessed.

When Bianca returned home to Oxford she was inspired to use her passion for art and design by founding her own luxury fashion label.

After two years of research and development, with contributions from artists, designers and printers from across Great Britain be unlimited was able to launch its first collection of silk scarves and outfits at Oxford Fashion Week; where it generated a strong buzz.

All of the vibrant scarves, dresses, skirts and tops created by be unlimited have been designed to enhance any woman’s wardrobe and to work together.

This magical effect has been achieved by adding unique features such as neckline loops which act as the perfect anchor for a wide array of styling ideas; one-sleeve scarves which show off the print for maximum impact and co-ordinating colours which add the perfect amount of sophisticated style.

Why Oxford

Nationally, Great Britain is one of the great fashion powerhouses of the world, and be unlimited has undoubtedly benefitted from the originality and eye-for-detail found in this country; with artists adding a huge amount of creativity to the silk canvas provided by our clothes.

Oxford has also emerged as a wonderful base for a fashion label due to its deep reservoir of artistic, practical and intellectual talent and tradition for innovation; with an assortment of world-class local collaborations being one of the great benefits of being based on the edge of the Cotswolds and within easy reach of London.

What makes our clothes different

By combining art and fashion to create distinctive clothes that flatter women of all ages, shapes and sizes, in a timeless fashion, we aim to offer something unique and chic to the discerning professional, with an eye for quality and art.

Our stable of talented artists and designers continues to grow and we plan to add to our team as we discover new and emerging creative talent.

How our clothes can be worn

One of the most enjoyable aspects of launching our collection is that every person who wears our clothes has found a different way of wearing each item of clothing or discovered a style that suits them.

The sheer variety of personal styling options that are possible can be extremely exciting and enjoyable to share and this has increasingly become a focus of our website (

What about you

Having lovingly designed our clothes to complement any wardrobe and to be treasured for a lifetime, we hope that you will enjoy using your own sense of style to add your own artistic twist to our classic Little Black Dresses, scarves and outfits.

Contact details:

15 East Street, Oxford, OXON, OX2 0AU

Telephone: 01865 203407/ 07855718850





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